Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Pics

Here's the first batch of pics for you all to enjoy. It took me a little to figure out the problem, which was just that the files are too big! So, guess I need to downsize before I can upload them.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A wonderful Christmas

Well, I hope this finds everyone feeling sated and rested! We had a wonderful Christmas this year, didn't get much, but the boys truly enjoyed what they got. Santa brought them all hockey sticks, and we got them clocks for their rooms. The best present I got was from hubby... some years he really surprises me!

A few weeks ago hubby informed me that he would be heading to England for the office Christmas party. I was upset with him being gone, which I am usually not, but the timing and reason was just too much for me. I had jokingly told him that I should get a nice Digital SLR camera as compensation, not expecting it in the least. Well, I guess he decided I deserved it LOL. I was told to open my present first (we usually don't open presents, other than Santa stuff, until after breakfast), and there it was... a Canon EOS-50D. It is very, very nice. We have been having a lot of fun figuring it out, I'm sure it will be a while before I know everything.

We are planning on going sledding with the boys tomorrow, the weather will be nice enough for them to enjoy it for a good hour. After dinner we will be going to the Zoo to see all the lights, it will also be a good time to have fun with the new camera! Other than that we are keeping things very simple right now.

Next month we have to figure out which school Corbin should attend for Kindergarten. I would like him in a bilingual school, either Spanish or German, but we also have the option of the school just outside the city that is so much closer. Of course, I also wonder if I should just start homeschooling him. But then again, I also would like to wait until we get our yacht. Guess we have some talking to do.

Well, I just tried to upload some of the pics I took... but something happened and it didn't work?!?! So, I will try again tomorrow.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am thankful....

The snow is blowing again, can't remember the last time Calgary will have had such a white Christmas! It is wonderful to have hubby home again, this house is just too big without him around. It will also be nice to not have to do my shopping with the kids around, grocery shopping with three crazy boys is a little taxing! I still need to figure out something to get hubby, it is just so hard to find things for him!

The boys were so happy to see Dada yesterday, Bug immediately told him he had to come and see something. He brought him over to the living room to show the Christmas decorations we have put up. I'm just glad that he is home safe and sound in time for Christmas.

Someone recently was asking what everyone was thankful for this Christmas, and I think I will answer here.

I am thankful for my wonderful Hubby, he is more than I ever even knew to ask for. He is a wonderful provider, father, and caring, loving husband.

I am thankful for my three wonderful, crazy boys! They might drive me a little crazy, but it doesn't matter at the end of the day when they are curled up so sweetly asleep in their beds.

I am thankful for our financial stability during this time of economic trouble. One thing that we don't have to worry about.

I am thankful that I am able to stay at home with my children, and that hubby can work from home (when he is in the country). It is nice to have our family together so much.

I am thankful for family and friends, they bring much joy and happiness to my life.

I am sure there is much, much more I could list, but I might end up sitting here for far too long! What are you thankful for????

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chirstmas Concert

Okay, so here is a few video's from the boys Christmas Concerts. The first one is Monkey's class reciting a poem, titled 'Clop, Clop, Clop'. He is in the bottom row, second from the right... the loudest one. The next video is from Bug's class, they are reciting the 'Chubby Snowman' Poem. He is in the front row in the middle... the one dancing at the end.

And here's one of Bug running to meet Santa.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Long week

Well, it has been a very, very long week here. Today was the first day that I was actually able to relax over my tea at breakfast, instead of guzzling it down to get the kids dressed and out the door. I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks off from the daily school drive, especially since it has been rather cold out.

It will be wonderful to have hubby home tomorrow, my evenings have been a little too quiet.... I miss having someone around to talk with, snuggle with, and just to spend time with. I know the boys have missed him, Little man has been attaching himself to just about any male we are around. It will be nice to have some help with the boys, it is hard getting out the door on time with them.

Monkey and Bug had their Christmas concerts at school this week, they both did so well! Monkey was the loudest while reciting one of the poems, and Bug showed his enthusiasm by dancing a little jig after every song or poem. I will get some video's up tomorrow when I have more time.

As much as I like the idea of snow, and how it can look, I really, really don't like the cold that accompanies it anymore. The colder it gets, and the longer is lasts... the quicker I want to sell this house and move! Hubby was joking (at least I think he was, guess I will find out tomorrow afternoon) that if the temperature didn't go up, he might just stay in England instead of coming home. I did advise him that it would not be in his best interest to do that. Bad enough that he got to go and party without me, but don't leave me alone with the kids any longer than needed.

It is rather late, and I still have to be up with the kids in the morning. Thankfully Little Man is starting to sleep a bit better, I'm sure once these eye teeth are fully out he may even sleep through the night! Until then, I need to get myself to bed and hopefully get some sleep.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brrr.... It's cold outside!

Our first taste of Winter has finally arrived, and I wish it would leave as soon as possible! I just don't want to spend time holed up in the house because of the cold, and I don't care for driving around when the roads are so bad. I told hubby that the next move (I know there will be one soon enough) had better be to somewhere warm! LOL He told me that as soon as the company sells (he wants it sold ASAP), we would be on a plane to Cyprus.... warmth, sun, ocean, and even snow in the mountains... couldn't ask for more!

We went and got our Christmas Tree today, it's not the best we've ever had, but I'm sure I can make it work. It probably won't be ready to decorate until sometime tomorrow, but with all that we already have planned, it might not happen till Monday.

I really, really don't want Hubby to leave tomorrow, I miss him so much when he is gone, and the boys miss him terribly as well. In the last 3 years we have spent so much of our time together, that it is hard for me to have him away. I know that it has to happen, but it doesn't mean that I have to like it. It will be nice to not have to have him so far away for trips when we are in Cyprus, the rest of Europe is only a few hours away.

Little Man has been very upset lately, all four of his eye teeth are coming in at the same time. One minute he is playing happily, and the next he screams like the world is about to end! I can't wait for these teeth to finally be out, then I should have a 6-8 month break before the 2 year molars.

Bug's 3rd Birthday is coming up quickly, I will need to get the party invites printed up for Tuesday to take to school. He has decided that he wants a Dinosaur themed party, but not too scary... just a little bit. It should be interesting to see how I will do his cake!

I love Dada more than you Mama!

Way to break my heart. Yup, while eating breakfast Monkey informs me that he loves Dada more than me... he still likes me, but Loves Dada.

I have always known he was a Dada's boy, but still thought he loved me... even a little bit!!! I know he loves me, but it does hurt when he puts it this way... and yes I know it's just him being 4, but it still hurts.

Wonder if I should remind him of this conversation in 20 years or so!

Friday, December 12, 2008

He is going...

Well, Hubby is leaving Sunday for a week to go and party in England. Well, to be fair he will be working, it just bugs me this time since he will also be enjoying a nice evening out with the employees. I haven't attended a Christmas Party in about 3 years, and really miss getting together with friends and coworkers. This also means he will be missing both Monkey's, and Bug's Christmas Concerts! I will of course video them, but it just won't be the same.

We have a storm in the area tonight, with an between 15-25cm worth of snow expected to fall. The roads today were already bad enough, really not looking forward to what we might expect tomorrow. I really want Hubby to go and get the tree so that the boys and I can get it decorated on Sunday, but depending on the roads it may not happen. Could be a bit of a strange Christmas.

There is one good thing about Hubby being in England next week, he can get some presents for the boys while over there. I know that Bug would love to get a Fireman Sam Backpack, and there are a few other things he would love as well. Not 100% sure what Monkey would like, but I'm sure we will come up with something. I'm also hoping that he will get a Harrod's Christmas Bear, I have a few and would like to get more. It's about one of the only things I can afford from Harrods.

I tried to take some pictures of the boys for a Christmas card, yes I know I am rather late, but as is usual with the 3 of them... it was HARD to get them to all sit together. I will head down to the other computer tomorrow, and see if I can fix them up enough for a card... otherwise I might just have to quickly figure something else out. Here's the one I am hoping will work out.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not all that surprised....

Well, I should have known that hubby wouldn't be able to take the majority of December off, but I was at least hoping for a few extra days! But of course that dream has been dashed, shattered actually. He will most likely be leaving for England on Sunday for a week, just to go to the office Christmas party. Talk about rubbing salt into a cut. Here I am stuck with the kids, cold weather outside, and he gets to live it up in England.

I know he won't live it up that much, but I too would like to go out with a bunch of adults, and just have a good time. Heck, I haven't ever spent a night out with him and any of his employees... that is 3 years of staying home with the kidlets.

I guess you can see that I am ticked off, and I feel that I have every right to. I do understand that with the business situation, and the kidlets, that I can't join him easily... but I am still annoyed!!!

If I let him know how upset I am, do you think he will get me something on this trip... instead of just for the kids?????

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I HATE Colds!!!!

For anyone wondering where I have been the last few days, myself and the boys all have colds!!! Nasty sinus's, coughs and fevers. There is a bit of an upside to this though... Monkey, Bug, and Little Man have all been going to bed shortly after 6pm, and not waking up till around 7:30am. Now of course there is a downside as well.... Little Man is up multiple times a night, completely inconsolable. Last night I ended up sleeping with him on my chest on the easy chair, not the most comfortable place for me.

Thankfully hubby is home from Germany, but because it was such a short trip for him, he's having a very hard time with the time difference.

I did at least get in for my hair appt yesterday, needed a cut, and my colour re-done. I went much darker than I have in the past, but brighter as well.

I am now going to finish my lovely neocitron, and hope, and pray that Little Man can sleep a bit tonight!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How long is a day???

I sometimes wonder how one day can seem so much longer than others... especially when you sleep in a bit!!! The boys slept longer than usual this morning, which in turn means that I did too. It was not a fun or relaxing morning as I tried to get everything, and everyone ready to head out the door, I only had 40 minutes! I'm surprised that I actually grabbed an orange to eat before running out the door, otherwise I would have had nothing to eat at all.

Bug seems to be missing hubby the most this time around, which is unusual for him. He has been throwing fits left, right and centre, and over the strangest of things. At school pick up time, Bug is supposed to walk towards me when his name is called, he of course decided this was a good day to run. When told that he would have to go back to the carpet and walk, he fell to the floor and started to whine and cry... ?????? This rule he has been following for 3 months, not sure what made today so special.

Little man produced a small fever this afternoon, somewhere around 38.5°. He's not showing any other signs of being sick, so I wonder if it is just his eye teeth about to erupt. It would be nice if he could get them out soon, and quickly too. He's close to sleeping through the night, and the sooner the better for my sanity.

My eating has be absolute crap lately... I don't think it has ever been this bad, but it has to stop. If I am ever going to lose weight, I need to bring it under control.... NOW!! I am going to use Sparkpeople to keep track of my eating this week (and for a little while longer), should help to keep me on track... don't really want to write down crap, makes it too real. There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to lose weight over the holiday season if I am careful in what food choices I make!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hmm... why so noticable now???

So, for the last month or so I have had many people comment on my eyes?!?!? Last I check they are the same as always, but recently I have been getting many compliments on the size and colour of them. Yes, I like my eyes, but never really thought other people saw them the same way as I do... so I find it very odd how it has been commented about so much. I took a picture tonight before heading out, let me know what you think??? The only reason for why people are noticing my eyes more is the wonderful haircut I got a month ago, I Love my hairdresser!!!!

It was the ladies Advent dinner at my Church tonight, and event that I really enjoy each year. The food as always was wonderful and diverse, and the camaraderie as warm as well. The dessert I made this year was also a big hit, Sticky Toffee Pudding. It's a very traditional English dessert, tasty and gooey. I found this recipe on the BBC Food site, so far the best one I have used.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chilly night ramblings

It is so hard dealing with things right when hubby leaves on a trip... I just find it very hard to focus. Hubby left mid morning for Germany, thankfully he will be back Wednesday night, but that is still 5 days with the kids on my own! I at least have gotten some house work completed, but there is still a lot to do. The last two weeks all my spare time has been taken up reading the Twilight series of books. It is an excellent read, which in some ways was the problem! I found I didn't want to put the books down at all, so the house was a little neglected.

Not a whole lot planned for the duration of hubby's trip, although I am planning to take advantage of Safeway's 10% Tuesday this week. Figure it makes sense to get as much of my Christmas food shopping done early, and at a reduced price! Now if I could just convince hubby that we need a chest or upright freezer!

Speaking of purchases, we might be close to buying a vehicle to haul a trailer with. The trailer that we want to get could be hauled with my van, but it would put us at the top end of the weight restrictions. Hubby has found a number of 2004/2005 Dodge Durango's for between $10,000 and $12,000. The price is low enough that it wouldn't hurt at all to purchase one... in some ways the economic down turn is a bonus for us! We aren't hurting financially, and don't expect to, but it is allowing us to purchase things at reduced prices.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dreams of Cyprus...

As they days and nights get colder, I find my thoughts once again turn to Cyprus! It's been almost 2 years that we were there, almost 2 years that we made the decision to move there, and almost two years ago that we had to rearrange that plan to move back to Canada. I really wish we had just made the move then, but know that it was the right decision to come here for a short time. I had asked Hubby for 2 years, and it will be 2 years next summer.

I still check out houses for sale there from time to time, I also keep an eye on the weather. This obsession seems so crazy some days... I just hope that we do finally make it one day. I am going to add some (a few I'm sure) photos for those that read this to help you understand why we are drawn to this place.

The Cypriots are wonderful people, friendly and caring. The scenery is incredible with the Troodos mountains in the background, and the wonderful blue ocean in front. It is a surprisingly dry climate, not overly humid... especially when you've spent anytime in England. There is a lot of empty open spaces to explore and enjoy, we would spend countless hours hiking. The beaches of course are a big draw, the mountains just complete it all.

Enjoy the photos, some are what I took on our trip, and others are just random shots that I found.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growing too fast!

Little man is now 1 year and one day... I really wish he would slow down! He was really having a good time getting into trouble this morning. As I was getting ready to get out the door with the boys this morning, I found him climbing the furniture. Guess he really wants to sit in Monkey's chair!!!

We went back to the play place today, much quieter this time around. Little man did have fun yesterday, but it was packed with kids. Today he and Monkey could really enjoy all the toys and climbers.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man!

It is Little Man's birthday today, his First of many more to come. I am finding it a little hard right now, it is making me sad that I no longer have a baby in the house. And anytime I mention it to hubby, he just rolls his eyes at me... can you tell that he doesn't want anymore!

We didn't do too much today as we had my parents, sister and her family over last night to celebrate. We did go to the playplace while Monkey was in school, which both Bug and Little Man thouroughly enjoyed.

Little man didn't get too many presents, which is good since we have way too much in this house! But so far he has been having a lot of fun playing with them. Beware of the picture overload!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sleep deprivation

Last night was one of the worst nights I have had to endure in a very, very long time. Little Man is mostly over the stomach bug, but I think his eye teeth are starting to come through. He woke up around Midnight, and I don't think either one of us got more than 2 hours of sleep for the rest of the night.... that makes a whopping 3 hours for me! I actually gave up at 5:30am, and passed him off to Hubby. Much more of that would have driven me completely batty!

To top the night off, Bug has found a way to get around the one piece PJ's that we put on him backwards, and managed to play with himself ,and of course that inevitably led to him peeing all over his bed!!! So, no more diapers for him, he will have to use the potty at night, or wet his bed.

Well, I think that is all from me tonight... the lack of sleep has fragmented my thoughts beyond my ability to coherently type them. Let's just hope (and pray, pray and pray) that Little Man sleeps tonight enough to give us all a much needed rest!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Again at 3am..

Well, here I am again at 3 am.... I've just cleaned Little Man, and his bed, for the 3rd time this night. I am presently waiting for the dryer to finish, so that I can transfer a load out of the washer and put another one in. I have one sheet left for him, so I better get the other ones cleaned... I'm not all that optimistic about my chances to finish the night without another bed change.

Not sure when I will be able to get back to bed, even though I am over the bug, my stomach is of course rolling around from all the wonderful things I have cleaned this night. Tomorrow will be bringing about a major cleaning of all surfaces, at least the smell of vinegar is preferable to the one of puke.

I think while I wait for my stomach to settle down, I am going to make some changes to my blog. C.Beth started using nicknames for her family a few months ago, and I have been thinking it is something I should probably do as well.... so I will spend the next little bit going back and making those changes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's still here...

Well, I thought that since no one had been sick since yesterday morning that we were in the clear. Guess I was wrong. Hubby went up to bed at 10pm, and very shortly after called to say that Little Man had puked in his bed... and was still asleep!!! So, we get him up... Hubby gets him undressed and gives him a quick bath, while I strip the sheets, wash the mattress and put clean bedding on. I got done just as Hubby finished redressing Little Man, we laid him down... and amazingly he went back to sleep!!! Not sure how long it will last, but I'm praying it's the rest of the night.

At least we know what we are doing, we've been through this many times before. I would just love to stay clear of all the nasty bugs out there, even though I know it's impossible. Hopefully we build up our immunity quickly, and can spend the rest of the season in relative health.

I'm off to get the new puke infested clothes/sheets into the washer, then I too will find bed. It could be a very long night, and even longer day!

Cleaning and cooking... what else is there????

It's about time I got some housework done!!! I wouldn't say all that much is done, but I did get a decent chunk done. I will schedule more for the rest of the week. I would like to have the house nice and clean for the weekend... just in time for Little Man to make a mess with wrapping paper on Monday LOL. It's amazing that another year has gone by, and my little man will be 1. I'm going to miss having a baby in the house.

Still not completely sure what he will be getting from us, I am hoping to make him a bear with some lovely soft blue swirly material that I have... just have to get it done in time. Maybe I will see about taking Monkey and Bug out to help pick out a present for their little brother, give them a chance to participate.

I am getting excited about Hubby heading to Germany in a few weeks, I have some things that I want him to bring home for me. I want to get a Traditional German Advent Candle ring, as well as Christmas Carousel. I've wanted to get these for many years, but have not wanted to pay the money for them LOL. But with Hubby being in Germany, it might not be quite as expensive. He doesn't have to get the exact ones that I have linked, but something like them.

Hmmm... the house smells very nice right now! Just took some Canadian Shortbread cookies out of the oven, I love these cookies. The boys also got a chance to help me out, need to let them help more often. Here they are pressing the cookies down for me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It has arrived....

We were without the kidlets this weekend, a very nice break... in some ways longer would have been okay, but I like having them home in their own beds. Sunday while having a late breakfast/lunch, I wasn't able to keep all of my food down... not really the most wonderful experience!! We figured that I most likely had food poisoning, but didn't know for sure.

Well, it looks like it is the stomach flu! Bug puked Saturday night in bed, my Mom found him asleep in it at 2am. Then Monkey puked late Sunday afternoon, just before we went to collect the kids. I wasn't too worried, as he ate just fine, and wasn't complaining about his tummy.

About 1 hour ago, I woke up to Monkey crying say 'Ow'. I ran to his room, to find that he puked all over his bed and himself. Luckily he missed his friends, but I think I will still wash them tomorrow. So, there I am cleaning him up at 2:30 in the morning, giving him a bath, changing his bed... all the while doing my best to not puke myself. And of course Little Man is crying away, took Hubby forever to get out of bed and deal with him.

The bed sheets and clothes are in the washer, and I'm sitting here at the computer trying to keep my tummy calm so that I too can go back to bed soon. Some days/nights the joys of parenting are very hard to handle. We dealt with 4 stomach flu's the year we lived in England, and none last year. The only consolation is that I have a washer that is large enough to handle all the puke infested items at once!!! In England it would take up to a week to finally get it all washed and cleaned... we had a very good, but very small washer there.

I think I will now try to go and lay down, hopefully there are no more interruptions to this night... what is left of it anyways.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quiet house....

I have just had the longest night of sleep in more months than I can remember! The house is also quiet on a level that I don't think I have heard before, and last night the music was louder and heavier than has been heard in a long time. LOL Maybe you can figure it out, but I'll tell those that can't.... There are no Children in this house right now!!!!!

Yesterday morning we dropped our boys off at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the weekend. As much as I miss them, I also am enjoying the freedom to just do as I wish for a little while.... it's not often I get this kind of freedom. Hubby and I didn't do too much yesterday, although I am extremely happy to say that we got Christmas lights for the house... solar powered ones at that! Last year I was unable to convince Hubby that we should get some, so I am looking forward to the day he gets them up.

I have gotten a bit done for the fabric stash challenge, and am working on some blankets to go in the car. In some ways I find it hard to work on the things that will use my stash up as I have so many things/projects that I need/want to get done that don't require the use of my stash. My big goal is to get the curtains for our bedroom (6 panels) done, as well as the ones for the front living room (2 panels). Now that we have a nice couch and chair in that room, I really want the curtains done to finish it off.

Well, I should get a little work done around the house before Hubby finally gets up for the day. He is thinking we should head to Banff today, and possibly stay for the night. I am really looking forward to another child free night with hubby!!!!

Here's a picture of the crochet hook holder that I made.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anniversaries, and sleeping arrangements

A dozen years, that is how long I was married as of yesterday! It's hard to believe it has been that long already, and only 8 more till 20!!! Unfortunately, Hubby is rather sick with the cold we all have, and I am still recovering from mine... so all we did was head out for some Sushi while my Mom fed our kids. This coming weekend we will have more time to enjoy, and hopefully be healthy enough to enjoy it! Not sure yet what we will be doing, as Hubby now seems to want to stay home since the kiddos are going to be at my Mom's. Hopefully I can convince him to head to Banff or Radium for a day/night to enjoy the hot springs.

Here's a picture of us on our Wedding Day, can't believe how young we were!!!

Poor Little Man has another ear infection, this makes the 4th since September. It is hard on all of us as he doesn't sleep well at all, and I don't want him to cry it out while he is sick. I really hope they stop soon, we won't get into the ENT until March of next year!!!!! Not sure if I will be able to handle another 5 months of crappy sleep.

We have been letting Monkey and Bug sleep together in Monkey's bed the last few nights. We are trying it out this way to help us decide if we should let them share a room. This is not something I would have thought to be considering, as we purposely got a 4 bedroom house so they wouldn't need to share. But, it appears to be out of our hands right now. A few nights ago I went to check on the boys before going to bed, and found Bug fast asleep (with his pillow and Nemo) under Monkey's bed!!!! I dragged him out and put him back in his bed, in his room.

The morning after I talked with Bug about sleeping under Monkey's bed, and how it's not the best or safest place to do so. I did ask if he wanted us to move his bed into Monkey's room. He looked at me very seriously and said 'No, that would be dangerous'. Certainly got a good giggle from that.

The next night Hubby was reading to them in Monkey's bed, and decided to see if they would go to sleep like that, or just goof off. Well, they fell asleep with out any issue. The next morning when asked if they would like to share a room, they said yes... so, we might just set it up soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snowy night ramblings...

It's amazing how the world looks so different after a nice snowfall, everything is clean and glittering. As much as I am not a fan of the cold weather that snow must accompany, I do enjoy these winter months filled with snow. It should be a busy winter for us, I have a lot of crafts to do with the boys, and of course this great big house to decorate! I even have a stash challenge to work on this next month! A lady that I chat with has challenged all of us with fabric stashes to actually do something with it all! LOL I'm a little nervous to add up all my fabric tomorrow, but it should give me good motivation to get sewing.

Monkey and Bug were finally well enough (although not 100% yet) to go back to school this week, after a week at home sick we were all more than ready for this. Now if Little Man and Hubby could get healthy soon, things would be a lot better around here. Hubby especially needs to be better next weekend for our little getaway... I don't really want to spend it with him in bed sleeping!

On an interesting end to my evening, I have just found out that Obama has won the presidential election in the US. I really, and truly, hope that he can bring about change to the US... especially the economy. I know many people in the US don't think that we should have an opinion even, but unfortunately, what happens down South, affects us Northerners a great deal. Here's to history in the making, preferably a good one!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finally did it!

I have been talking/thinking about getting my own domain for many, many months now... last night I finally did it! I really don't like having to change my email address when we move, and this allows me to keep it the same no matter where we live! It's also a stable location for my blog, and any websites that I may eventually set up.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

Even though the boys are still sick, we did take them out Halloweening. Luckily it was a very nice warm evening. We also went over to Grandma's store to let her have a chance to give them something. All in all they had a very good time, but were certainly ready for by at 7:30... now I just have to hope they sleep well and get better soon.

Our friendly pumpkins!

Captain Flamingo (Monkey), Fireman Sam (Bug), Monkey (Little Man) and Dada
I also figured it was a great night to make Dinner in A Pumpkin. Hubby and I enjoyed it, but the boys weren't all that interested... hopefully it goes over better next year.