Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quiet house....

I have just had the longest night of sleep in more months than I can remember! The house is also quiet on a level that I don't think I have heard before, and last night the music was louder and heavier than has been heard in a long time. LOL Maybe you can figure it out, but I'll tell those that can't.... There are no Children in this house right now!!!!!

Yesterday morning we dropped our boys off at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the weekend. As much as I miss them, I also am enjoying the freedom to just do as I wish for a little while.... it's not often I get this kind of freedom. Hubby and I didn't do too much yesterday, although I am extremely happy to say that we got Christmas lights for the house... solar powered ones at that! Last year I was unable to convince Hubby that we should get some, so I am looking forward to the day he gets them up.

I have gotten a bit done for the fabric stash challenge, and am working on some blankets to go in the car. In some ways I find it hard to work on the things that will use my stash up as I have so many things/projects that I need/want to get done that don't require the use of my stash. My big goal is to get the curtains for our bedroom (6 panels) done, as well as the ones for the front living room (2 panels). Now that we have a nice couch and chair in that room, I really want the curtains done to finish it off.

Well, I should get a little work done around the house before Hubby finally gets up for the day. He is thinking we should head to Banff today, and possibly stay for the night. I am really looking forward to another child free night with hubby!!!!

Here's a picture of the crochet hook holder that I made.

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