Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cleaning and cooking... what else is there????

It's about time I got some housework done!!! I wouldn't say all that much is done, but I did get a decent chunk done. I will schedule more for the rest of the week. I would like to have the house nice and clean for the weekend... just in time for Little Man to make a mess with wrapping paper on Monday LOL. It's amazing that another year has gone by, and my little man will be 1. I'm going to miss having a baby in the house.

Still not completely sure what he will be getting from us, I am hoping to make him a bear with some lovely soft blue swirly material that I have... just have to get it done in time. Maybe I will see about taking Monkey and Bug out to help pick out a present for their little brother, give them a chance to participate.

I am getting excited about Hubby heading to Germany in a few weeks, I have some things that I want him to bring home for me. I want to get a Traditional German Advent Candle ring, as well as Christmas Carousel. I've wanted to get these for many years, but have not wanted to pay the money for them LOL. But with Hubby being in Germany, it might not be quite as expensive. He doesn't have to get the exact ones that I have linked, but something like them.

Hmmm... the house smells very nice right now! Just took some Canadian Shortbread cookies out of the oven, I love these cookies. The boys also got a chance to help me out, need to let them help more often. Here they are pressing the cookies down for me.

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