Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feel like I am trying to do too much!

I am just so tired by about 7pm these days, I barely move after getting the kids to bed. I am spending my days trying to placate the kidlets, while at the same time organizing, tidying & de-personalizing!!! It feels like a constantly upward battle. I did fairly well with our bedroom, managed to go through all the clothes. I ended up with 2 bags of baby, maternity, & regular clothes for donation. One box for our Nanny for her 10 month old. Another bag of garbage, mostly baby clothes that was just too damaged or stained. And another pile of maternity clothes that I will take for consignment.

Presently I am going through my sewing room, getting rid of material, odds & ends, (about 1 bag of garbage so far, a few piles for some friends), and in general trying to make it look nicer. The next battle will be the toy room. I am going to have to put a lot of their toys away while we are showing the house... who knows, if they don't notice it missing, I might just get rid of it permanently! After that will be the pantry, which shouldn't be too bad. Then it will be the easy rooms, front living room, front hall closet, Hubby's office, dining room, and main living room. Those rooms mainly need a quick de-cluttering, but are otherwise in decent shape. I will hopefully get through it all by next weekend, which is when Hubby will be heading back to the UK for a week or so.

My Mom's party is coming along nicely. The invites will be out tomorrow, and I am already talking to bakeries about cakes. I have also talked to a few of the ladies attending to see if they can help me with some baking for the party. The final guest list is at 115 people, hopefully not more than 80 end up coming through. I did ask for RSVP for the dinner to be held at 6:00pm, there is just no way to guess how much food to have available. Next week I need to contact some companies to rent some glasses, plates, and napkins. I would like this to be as classy as possible.

Well, there ends my break LOL. Off to finish the sewing room.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

He is truly serious this time!

So, Hubby called the realtor (left a message) who listed this house when we bought it a few years ago. Not sure exactly when we would list, but he is truly serious about selling this time. He is actually considering the house right next door to my parents... not too sure how I feel about that! LOL. I love my parents, but a little distance is always nice. It also really depends on how soon we could sell our house, and of course how much we will lose selling it. When we talked with a realtor last year, we were told we would lose a good $60,000! The market has stabilized, and with the fact that there are no 4 bedroom homes on our street for sale right now (most homes on our street are 3 bedroom), we may be able to price a bit higher for that reason.

We would have a fair bit of work to make the house ready for viewings, tidying up, organizing, attention to details. Which I will be having to do for my Mom's birthday party anyways! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about moving again, but have done it often enough the last 3 years... and at least this one won't be overseas! It will also be a bit strange to be in a smaller house, but we will adjust easily enough. When we get the boat one day, we would have to adjust to smaller living space then as well. This will also be a good time to get rid of a bunch of stuff LOL. Garage sales here I come!

So, here's to living with little to no mortgage!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Got to love curve balls!

I am always amazed at the direction that life can take us. I met Hubby at a time when I didn't really want to be in a relationship, and here I am almost 13 years later. At the time, I couldn't see us living anywhere except Yellowknife, again I am somewhere else. I never dreamed the dreams we have now, they used to be much more modest. Which brings me to now...

Nothing bad is happening, just some foresight planning on our parts. We are thinking we should downsize this year, and find a place where we can be mortgage free... as well as get us out of the City. Business is doing well, we just feel it would be prudent to start putting money aside. Our mortgage here is rather large, and I would truly love to not pay it. Yes, we can afford it, but then again why pay it if we don't need to? The money saved could really go a long way to financing the next phase of our lives.

The boys of course wouldn't care where we live, as long as we are together. With homeschooling to start soon, I don't really need to worry about any nearby schools. The further we are from the city, the less money we are likely to spend as well.

We have more than enough equity to get a decent house out where my parents live, but if we head a bit further out, we could have some land added to the house in our price range. I truly don't need anything fancy, as long as I can still have a dishwasher and my washer & dryer LOL. I love my washer and dryer!

I can't say for certain this will happen, but we are talking about it. It is like anything in life. You can plan all you want, but the end result is never exactly known. This could all be moot if the company sells, but if it doesn't sell this year, we will be prepared to wait it out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm back!

Okay, first there is a warning... this could be long! LOL. Let's start with the Homeschool conference...

Overall, I got a lot of very good information. My biggest issue was with a belief that was pushed more than I would have liked. I'm not bashing this belief, but it is certainly NOT what I believe. I do NOT believe in Creationism, but in Evolution. I believe in Carbon dating. I do not believe that Dinosaurs roamed the earth with us, but were in fact around millions of years ago. Yes, I do believe in God, but do not take the bible as literal. I attended one session titled Teaching Math & Science for Maximum Relevance, which up until the Science section was actually helpful. Unfortunately for me I got to listen to the speaker say that Carbon Dating is not a useful tool for dating, as the Earth is only 6000 years old according to the Bible. I also heard that Darwin created his theories because he did not want their to be a one true God?? That one really did not make sense to me. All in all, the basic information was good, but I still have a lot more research to do. At least I feel a tad bit more prepared to do this. There is a much smaller conference here next month that I will also attend that should give me the last bit of info I need.

The weekend out with my friends T & E was great! We had a wonderful dinner at our hotel Friday night. T & I polished off a nice bottle of red wine together, as well as a wonderful meal. The best part was not having any children yabbering away at us. The boys did just fine Nanny, and then had a great time with Grandma that night, and the following day. They were at least happy to have me home.

Sad news for me is that I had to take my camera (Canon EOS-50D) in for repair. I could not get it to communicate with any computer at all... so off it went. My little Fuji P & S digital also appears to have died. Hubby will be home tomorrow, so hopefully we can talk about what to get to replace that. It had the function to take video, which was so handy to have with the kids.

I am also starting to plan my Mother's 60th Birthday party for the end of May. It is going to be quite an event! I still don't have a full guest list, and I am at 105. Eeek! It will be held here at my house, which does scare me a little bit LOL. It will be set up as an open house, with RSVP's for anyone who would like to join us for dinner & cake. I'm figuring it will start sometime around 4pm, and go until the last person leaves. Two of my Uncles, my cousin & her daughter will be coming out from Winnipeg for the party. I haven't seen my Uncles in over 3 years, and it's been almost 2 years since I last saw my cousin and her daughter. My one Uncle will be staying with my Mom as he has trouble with stairs since he suffered a stroke last year. I'm not sure yet where my other Uncle will be staying... here or there. I'm sure you will see many posts in the coming months with my panicking about this event LOL.

Other than that, things are just going along. It was confirmed today that Little Man will be getting tubes put in May 5th. I hate that he will have to have this done, but I do know it will be for the best. Hubby will be home tomorrow afternoon, just in time for my Birthday! We don't know exactly how long he will be home for, his next known trip is May 13th for one week to the UK. Anything & Everything could come up between now and then. Other news is that Bug has been dry at night for the last week! If he keeps this up I could actually have him out of night diapers. Monkey on the other hand, is still wet most nights.

It is time for me to relax a bit tonight. Starting next week I will have a number of things to do to get ready for the big party here, so I'm sure I will be too busy to relax in the evenings... going to enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just not much to say lately....

Well, things are just going along... but I don't really feel like saying much?!? Things aren't bad, but they aren't wonderful either... just there. I feel sort of like I am stuck in limbo, it's not a place I particularly like. I guess you could also call it a funk.

If I can get myself together tomorrow, I will write about the Homeschool Conference. I just can't seem to solidify my thoughts right now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I think I'm ready????

Well, I'm as packed as I can be until my shower in the morning. I still have a few things to get ready around the house first thing when I wake up... but over all, I think I am ready to go. The only thing I am undecided on is whether or not I make it to the track at 8am! It will depend on what, if any, sleep I can get, as well as how I am feeling before Nanny comes by. If things are feeling too rushed, then I will just skip my run, and get done what needs to be done.

I switched vehicles with my Mom this afternoon, felt it was better to deal with that today instead of rushing it tomorrow. I got the oil changed, and also gave it a good cleaning, it hadn't seen a vacuum in a very long time. Lucky Mom gets to drive my big van now, which I know she is not looking forward to LOL. It was very strange for me to drive her car, which is so low to the ground.

Oh, guess I should mention where I am going LOL. I am headed up to Red Deer for the Alberta Homeschooler's Convention. It should be a good time, as I will be childless, and get to spend time with 2 friends. I am thinking that a nice dinner with a good wine tomorrow will be in order!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


That's about it... I'm sad. Hubby had to leave for Newcastle again today, I'm just sad that he had to leave so soon after getting home last week. I just pray that it will only be a week this time, it is what he has booked, but I know that things can change so easily.

Tomorrow will be better....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow.... again!

Well, guess I don't have to worry about breaking out into hives again today LOL. Snow is back, along with a nice blast of cold wintry wind. It sucks that we will be in the house today, but I am not (neither are the boys) really a fan of spending time in the cold wind that whips around the house. I should probably use this time to get some housework done... but I truthfully just feel like hanging out with the boys.

Hubby will most likely be heading back to either the UK or New Mexico tomorrow, poor guy has only been home since late Friday night! Good thing I had a back up plan for this weekends conference, otherwise I wouldn't be able to make it.

Off to hang out with the boys... will have to see if I get any housework done or not.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another long week....

So, Easter is done. I do like holiday's, but find that I get so busy doing things, that I don't really get a chance to enjoy them... know what I mean??? In some ways I am actually looking forward to spending them overseas again, it is just so much easier when it is just us. But then again, I would miss spending time with family... guess either way there are issues LOL.

I have a fairly busy week planned, along with a very busy weekend. I will be attending a conference in a City about an hour away on Homeschooling. I am really looking forward to going, but also know that it will be busy. I will be attending with a few friends, so will have some girl time to look forward... and there will be no little boys demanding my attention while I am trying to get things done! It's amazing how they don't seem to need you when you are just trying to hang out with them, but as soon as you try to get some housework, cooking, potty break, anything else done they need your attention right now this instant or I will throw a massive fit.... phew, sorry for the run on sentence LOL.

The boys really aren't that bad, but it does amaze me how catastrophic it can be to go potty once in a while LOL.

Don't know exactly what travel plans Hubby has right now, there is a good chance he will need to leave in a few days, or it could be next week. But, sooner or later, he does have more work overseas to do. So, I am just doing my best to enjoy him while he is here. I know the boys are happy he is here, they are actually worried he has left on another trip when he is out of the room for too long. It will be hard when he has to leave again, but they will adjust as usual.

Hubby and I were talking about yachts the other day, and actually narrowed down the requirements a little bit. He would much rather get a yacht that is either built of steel, or composite. Thankfully he knows more about this type of stuff than I do LOL. I'm more concerned about the galley layout, as well as the decor. Since we plan to live on the yacht for a number of years, I want it to be comfortable. I have seen some yachts that have rather interesting decor... I'm not really a fan of animal prints everywhere, or bright purple leather couches. I'm sure we will be able to find something suitable when the time comes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yup... sunny weather is here... sigh...

So, I tend to forget this little issue I have every spring... and you would think after 12 years I would remember??? I have something called Polymorphic Light Eruption, which essentially means that I am allergic to the sun. Yah, such a fun thing to have LOL. I don't usually get it too badly, but it can be bad enough that I break out in lovely hives/rashes from the neck down. It is extremely itchy. So, the last 4 nights I have noticed that my chest is itchy at night, but didn't really think anything of it... until tonight when it dawned on me what it was! There is really nothing I can do, except to wear sunblock at all times. There is actually a treatment, but I have been told by my dermatologist that if I did it, I would most certainly have skin cancer in 10 years. The treatment of course must be done every single spring to harden the skin to the sun. I find that as long as I start off with about spf 50, I can easily get away with 15 by the end of the summer. Some days I can get away with nothing.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I would want to live someplace like Cyprus? Well, I would have this problem no matter where I live, so to me that doesn't factor. Yes, in Cyprus, I would have to be that much more careful, but that is something I can live with. I also have to say, the benefits to Cyprus far outweigh the negatives LOL.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Feels like summer is finally on the way!!!

What a truly gorgeous day. After preparing the cookies, the boys and I headed out to the park. I did make the boys wear sweaters, but didn't bother with one myself... it was just too nice. The sun was shining, just a hint of a breeze, it really was wonderful. Hopefully this weather continues for the rest of the season, the Winter just seemed to keep dragging on.

The best news today though, is that Hubby will be home soon!!!!! I believe his flight gets in around 9pm, so he should be home before 10pm. I am so looking forward to seeing him tonight, and the boys all know that he will be here, so they should be bugging him first thing in the morning. At this point, he believes his next trip will be on the 20th to the UK. It's only a week home, but I will take it.

In other news. I have finally gotten back into using my cloth diapers this week. For the last few months their usage has been fairly spotty, but this week I have used them all day every day. Which means I am only using one disposable for nights. I have had most of these diapers since Monkey was only 4 months old, so they have gotten some excellent use over the years. Now to just make sure that I stay on top of the laundry so that I can keep this up. The next thing would be to get rid of Monkey & Bug's night diaper use. Monkey is dry maybe 1-2 nights a week, and Bug is usually dry 3-4 nights a week. I just don't feel that they are totally ready to take them away yet... oh well, in their own time.

Off to fold some laundry, and get ready to welcome Hubby home!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scrubbed finger & Sore cheeks!

So, I scrubbed the stove top today... my poor index finger! It almost feels like I took my finger print off! I finally decided it was time to tackle the stove top, and give it a really good scrub. We have a gas stove, so it means taking it all apart. I used a metal scrubber, but still had to use a fair amount of elbow grease to get all the build up off. This is not to say that the parts were really, really gross, just that I don't often scrub like this. Usually I just give it a good wash with soap and water, using a washcloth. I must admit it does look much better, but I can still see a few spots that need work... but, they can wait until my finger pad grows back in LOL.

As for my cheeks LOL. I bought some white eggs today (I prefer to buy brown) so that we could colour them for Easter. I had really only planned on boiling them, but in the end decided to blow some out. I have not done this for many, many years. So, I got a good needle for the job, and poked the appropriate holes... and away I blew! I didn't make very big holes, so it was a lot of work to get the white & yolk out of the egg. In the end I managed to get six done, but not sure if my cheeks will ever feel the same LOL. The boys were not all that interested, except to see the initial egg white come out... then it was off to make a mess with play dough.

Tomorrow night Hubby will be home. I am so excited to see him, and to actually spend time with him. As disappointed as I was that he had to head down to New Mexico, it did have the bonus of allowing him to adjust to the time change (11.5 hours) before coming home. Which means I will have my evenings with him, instead of him crashing by 6pm. The only con is that he won't be up as early to be with the boys first thing in the morning, but at least he will be here. Monkey is getting very excited to see him, I suspect he will be in our room at first light looking for Hubby.

The boys will help me make some Easter cookies tomorrow, and hopefully we will have a chance to ice them as well. I already have egg dying scheduled for Saturday, and want to leave them lots of time to play with Hubby.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Till Debt Do Us Part

I love this show! I think the advice in it is great, I sort of wish it had been on all those years ago when I could really use the help.

Okay... I could still use a little help LOL. I have done fairly well on the useless shopping trips, but some days when I look around the house, I wonder how I can possibly get rid of some things. I don't feel we are particularly cluttered, but I just think of all the 'stuff' we will need to get rid of when we move... and it makes me wonder why I don't get rid of it now? Maybe when Hubby is home I will get a chance to finally get into some of our 'things', and figure out where to take it.

The biggest things are toys, it's amazing how they somehow creep into a house. Of course, now that we are not going to have a baby in the house, we do have a number of things that could easily go. I was amazed the other day at how many clothes Little Man has outgrown that need to go, I had already sold all the newborn to 9 month stuff back in December.

We aren't by any means in the red, but I do know that we could easily have more for savings if we just watched things a little closer. I really should do a meal plan, and only do the one trip to the store to get it all. I have pretty much stopped buying my Soy Chai Lattes, I can easily make it at home for a fraction of the cost. It doesn't mean that I won't get them sometimes, but I have cut back a lot. Hmm... so maybe I should post a meal plan Sunday, and follow it for a week. See if it works out or not.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Do you ever find yourself questioning your actions? I do.

I have presently removed a few posts from my blog, I didn't really want to, as they are about my life, and about who I am... but, they were causing more headache then they were worth. I am not questioning my decisions regarding these situations, just using my blog to vent my feelings.

I started this blog to chronicle the journey that my Hubby and I are on, one that will have many twists and turns in it. We have our dreams, and a hopeful timeline to fulfill them, but know that many things do not go according to plan. That journey right now requires that we spend much more time apart than we would like, time that is especially important for our children.

The year that we spent in England brought Hubby, and I, much closer together than we had been... not to say that we weren't before, but it changes when you don't have any other support system around. In many ways, he has become all I really need. So, as I'm sure you can understand, having him gone this long is very painful for me. I look to Hubby as the head of our family, and to lead us in this journey. I do not feel that I must obey him (and trust me, he would laugh if anyone accused me of doing this!), but do trust him to find the right path for us to take. I do my best to take care of our children, and our house, as I feel that is my responsibility. It is his responsibility to provide for us all, which he does without fail.

I am sure that things will come up that people will not understand or agree with, but that is not what drives me. What drives me is my family.

I want to thank everyone who has/will read this blog, it's nice to know that what I have to say matters. I hope to continue this blog for many years to come, and that you will continue to visit as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not much longer

Good news at last! Hubby expects he will be home Thursday, and should be around for a week! He does have work to do, but at least he will be home. The boys have been constantly asking me where he is, and when he will be home. It sounds like they have even more contracts now, which is just crazy... he needs a break so badly. Hopefully we can have a chance to talk about vacations while he is home, since he gets 6 weeks, we should really start planning now.

We did have our quiet weekend here, the boys didn't even get dressed until the afternoon on Saturday, and then only because Grandma and Grandpa were coming over. Speaking of Grandpa, Little Man now says Bapa!!!! It's strange, but all the boys have called him Bapa until they are about 2, and then they switch to Grandpa. So, Little Man would not have heard this form of Grandpa very often at all. Unfortunately he has also started saying 'No', oh the joys of a toddler LOL.

Today we went to church for Palm Sunday, which isn't really the most enjoyable experience for me. In truth, I don't really like attending church these days. I just find that I am so busy with the boys that I don't have a chance to hear anything... and then I have to wonder what the point is? I wish there was a way to somehow get my boys to actually sit still... actually it's not too bad if Bug doesn't come, that boy does not know the meaning of quiet and sit. But, that is not something that is really an option, either we don't go, or we all do. At least Hubby will be home for Easter Service this coming Sunday.

Looks like the weather will finally be getting warmer! It is forecasted to be in the low teens (­­°C), so the snow should be melted away within a few days... which means I shouldn't need to shovel off Hubby's side of the drive way! There is about a foot of snow on his side, just didn't really see the point in shoveling it when his car would not be moving. But with him home later this week, he will need to get his car out once in a while.

I am off to watch Simpson, and Family Guy, then off to bed. I have actually had two decent nights of sleep, but still feel very tired. Hopefully tonight is also a good night.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A busy few days

After a way too short visit from Hubby, who unfortunately wasn't even home 24 hours, it seems we have been go, go, go! Yesterday I took Monkey to the pool, first time we have gone in a very long time. He did so well! He usually gets very upset, and will cry for most of the time in the water. He has always taken time to adjust to new things, but being in the water has been an on, and off kind of thing. So, I was pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed himself. He didn't even flip out when his face would accidentally go under the water, which was always an issue before. The pool at the Y is really nice, the one we spent time in was a variable depth pool, so it came to just below Monkey's armpits. Afterwards I went to Costco with him, where he was really good. He was perfectly happy playing with my iPod touch.

Today I took Bug to the pool, now that boy was sooooo excited! He was also much more work then Monkey LOL, he was just everywhere in that pool. I sometimes forget how he is without his brothers around, probably because I have had little time with just him. He chattered non-stop, moved non-stop, and just had an absolute blast. He worked really well on kicking his legs, and even got his arms and legs going together a few times. When the free pool time was up, we went into the big pool for another 15 minutes, and he was just as happy there. After that he came and helped me get some shopping done, he was just as excited to do that as swimming LOL. I also forget how much that boy can chatter.

We have a fairly quiet weekend planned, the weather isn't going to be all that great. So, I picked up a few movies for them to watch over the next few days. We also have some crafts to complete, and some plants to transplant. More than enough to keep us going till school on Monday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I LOVE surprises!

I was hanging out on the couch reading The Swiss Family Robinson to the boys this afternoon, when all of a sudden I heard the front door open (I always keep it locked). Next thing I hear is Hubby asking if anyone was home!!!! Oh My Gosh!!! I rushed off the couch, along with the boys, and ran for the front door. I cannot tell you exactly how Happy, and almost overcome I was at that moment. First to just hold him, then to see how happy and excited our boys were. Little Man wouldn't let him put him down at all. Of course, it only took the boys a few minutes before they looked to the suitcase and ask what was in it.

I will admit I was curious too, late Monday morning Hubby called me 3 times in about 10 minutes to talk Pashmina's, which is what I asked for. I remember asking him why he was doing it so late that night, and he commented that he had all week, but just wanted to get it done. I now know that he already planned to fly home the next day. The boys got some very nice carved elephants, something more too look at then play with. Two beautiful cushion covers, and a very lovely, very light weight, dark green Pashmina for me.

Back to the lovely sneaky Hubby LOL. The day before his Birthday, he warned me that he was tempted to turn his phone off so that no one could call to wish him a Happy Birthday. He is not entering his 40's with perfect grace, not like I blame him one bit though. So, even though the boys, and myself, were disappointed that we couldn't talk to him on his Birthday, I wasn't really all that surprised. I was surprised when I still couldn't get through to him last night, and especially this morning. At that point I was beginning to worry a little bit, as I'm sure most of you would too. Hubby tells me that he had originally planned to be home yesterday afternoon, but missed his connecting flight at Heathrow. It would have been wonderful to spend some time with him on his actual birthday, but I'm just glad he is home now.

When he walked through that door, I was really hoping that since he was home early, that he would be here for the weekend. Unfortunately he is flying down to New Mexico tomorrow afternoon, for an undetermined amount of time... most likely till next weekend. But, I will take any, and all time with him that I can. If he doesn't have much work in the morning, I will keep Paxton out of school. I think it is much more important that the boys spend as much time with him before he leaves as possible.

I now have a few loads of laundry to deal with, which I will do while watching one of my shows. And then I will be heading to bed early, I have Hubby to snuggle with tonight! Here are pictures of the cushion covers, and the elephants.