Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's time to shake my life up again!  Nothing crazy, just need to make some adjustments.  I don't want to become complacent and find myself doing the same things in another year.  I want to keep growing.  I've come so far since last year, and I don't want to stop now.

I'm just a little stuck as to what I should do.

I want to set some goals in place.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Poor neglected blog :(

It has been some time since I have updated my blog, it's been hard getting back into routines after such an enjoyable summer.  The boys and I did a total of 4.5 weeks worth of camping!!  Between the trailer, travel costs and camp sites, my savings were rather depleted... but there is no way I can complain!  We had just way too much fun, and it was money well spent.  In preparation for next year, the boys and I have sat down and talked about saving money each month.  We have talked about how I will not be spending as much money on 'things', so that we can get as much (if not more) camping done next year.  We have also set up a jar for saving towards 4 iPads.  The boys did do incredibly well on those long drives we took, but they did get bored.  I think the iPads would be an excellent alternative to getting a DVD system for the van, as they could do so much more than just watch a movie.  So, they have agreed that there will be no big presents for birthdays or holidays, and we will make as many of them as we can.  I'm pretty proud that they are going along with this so easily.  I want them to learn about saving for things, and making sacrifices for something that you really want.

New things in our lives...  Monkey started Grade 1, and is so far thriving!  After all the struggles last year, he is doing amazingly well so far.  Bug started at a 5 morning montessori this year, and is so far enjoying it thoroughly.  Little Man had his first day of pre-school last week, can't believe he is old enough to start school!  He will attend Tuesday's and Thursday's, which also means I get those two mornings child free!  The best part of him starting school, is he is now potty trained... so other than overnights, this is now a diaper free household!  I no longer need to carry a diaper bag around!

As for myself, I got another piercing!  It has only been 2 days, so it is still healing, but so far so good.  Curious as to what I got done???  Well, it's my tongue!  I have a lovely purple barbell smack dab in the middle of my tongue lol.  I have wanted to get my tongue pierced for over 14 years, can remember being so jealous when my friend Erin got hers done.  We had planned to get it done together, but I knew then that my fiance (now my ex) didn't like them... so silly me didn't get it done.  Really wish I would have just done what I wanted to do.  But, it is done now!  My tongue was really swollen yesterday, but it is down considerable today.  Hopefully by Monday it will be back to normal, and on it's way to healing nicely.  I almost didn't get it done, but only because I also want a labret piercing as well.  It was a tough decision.  As long as my tongue heals well, I will consider getting a labret done next month.  While I was in, I booked the touch up appointment for my pheonix, so in a few weeks it will be done as well.

Other news.  I have a set schedule with my ex!!  It feels so good knowing what weekends, and the few weeknights, that he will have the boys.  He tried to not do this, saying his usual crap of how he doesn't plan things.  Ummm, it's not all about him anymore!  The boys, and I, would both greatly benefit from a schedule.  Yes, I understand he travels for work, but it's much easier to adjust the schedule that is in place for those occurrences, then to always wonder when he will take the boys.  I was also tired of being the one to contact him as to when he wanted the boys.  It is no longer my 'job' to schedule his life, no longer my 'job' to keep track of his life.  We also came to an agreement about the settlement, which hopefully we will be signing this month... which means I am so much closer to finally being divorced!

One other things, I got my hair cut really short (really short for me lol)!  I absolutely love it!  I've never had it this short, but it's amazing just how well it suits me.  I am feeling so incredibly good about myself, my 30's are going to be some of the best years of my life!