Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Toddlers and Spaghetti

What is it with toddlers and spaghetti??? Little Man had a fine time of it today LOL. His face was orange from top to bottom, even some of his hair had changed colour. He also figured that it must be easier to eat if he just puts his face in his plate! I truly wanted to tell him no, but the smile he gave me coming up from the plate was just too adorable. Of course the older two boys thought it was rather funny, which also made Little Man want to do it even more... if only I could put blinders on them at the table, maybe they would not see the craziness that their brother is pulling!

With the orange faces, bath time was a must tonight. I find it much easier to bath them in my tub, which is a corner one with a seat. Their bath is just a little too tight for the 3 of them. Monkey and Bug both enjoy sliding down the seat into the water, although now that Little Man is in with them, it has been somewhat curtailed, but not totally eradicated. I guess Little Man has been watching closely though. He got onto the little seat, and came down saying Whee with a big smile of his face. Now, he doesn't slide down, just steps down the same way he comes up... but to him it is a slide like his older brothers. He just looks so proud of himself after he has done this, melts his Mama's heart.

Other than that, it will be another quiet night here. I have a chai tea simmering on the stove, it smells so good. I will mop the floors first, and start the diapers... then sit back, and relax!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Hubby!

Well, Hubby is now 40 years old... well sort of... almost... LOL. In India he is 40, but here in Canada he would still have a few hours to wait. I don't think he would mind waiting either, I suspect 40 is going to be a little difficult for him. I have spent a good chunk of the day sending off e-cards to him, so far I have sent him 25 cards!!! My Mom sent 3 off, and supposedly the SIL's are going to send some.. but they haven't let me know how many yet! I would love for him to have a total of 40 e-cards in his mailbox waiting for him... thankfully he is very far away, I'm sure it will annoy him to no end to see all those emails LOL. But, it serves him right for being gone so long.

I made a video of the boys singing Happy Birthday to him, which of course I sent. I also let them stay up a little bit later than normal (8:00pm), so that they could wish him a Happy Birthday on the phone. His phone is off though, so the boys left a message singing Happy Birthday. Hubby had threatened to keep his phone off for the day, but I really didn't think he would go through with it. It is now 9:15am in India, and his phone is still off.

Whatever Hubby is doing right now... I wish him a truly wonderful day. The boys, and I, can't wait to bake him a cake and help celebrate his birthday when he does finally come home!

My boys wishing Hubby Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am going to try implement rules here in our house... I need something more concrete for the boys to know what is/isn't expected of them. They aren't awful, but they seem to have the typical listening issues that most pre-schoolers do... so I'm hoping that having specific rules in the house will help them know what is allowed. There isn't anything crazy about the rules, mostly just basic things that need to be followed. I also didn't just decide them, we talked about this after dinner tonight. I will type them up, print them, and put them somewhere that they boys can see. Here is what we have so far.

  1. No hitting or biting
  2. No screaming or throwing fits
  3. Do not be rude and disrespectful (Corbin has been getting an attitude lately)
  4. No goofing off at the table
  5. Do not throw things (toys, food, towels, etc) in the house
  6. The pantry in the kitchen is off limits (I have caught Bug eating brown sugar in there)
  7. Do not take other people's things
  8. Be polite, say please & thank-you
  9. Toys must be put away before you can have dinner
I wouldn't say we have major issues with these things, but they could turn out that way if not dealt with soon. It will also help our Nanny to know what we expect from the boys, although so far there hasn't been an issue.

Have I mentioned how happy I am to have our Nanny?? She comes part time 3-4 mornings/afternoons a week... a real life saver for me! This week I have her scheduled so that I can start taking a Yoga class at the local YMCA Monday afternoons. I am also going to be taking the boys, one at a time, to the swimming pool. With plans to live on a yacht in a few years, strong swimming skills will be a necessity! Bug, and Little Man will do just fine I think, Monkey will take some time... he's always needed a little time to adjust to things.

Monkey had a fun night at Grandma's last night, she took him home after coming here for dinner. She then took him to Tai Chi in the morning, and then took him painting with her. He did some very nice paintings. I would post them, but still having problems with downloading from my camera, and Hubby's computer has died (I suspect the power supply fried), which is connected to the scanner. If I feel up to it, I might just bring the scanner/printer to the kitchen and hook it up here. What is it with electrical things acting up when Hubby is away?

I was able to talk to Hubby this morning, he had spent the day riding around on the motorcycles again. I'm glad he actually has some time to see things, usually on these trips he gets very little down time to enjoy things.

Oh, I watched Twilight last night!!!!! I have read the books multiple times... yes I LOVE to read LOL. It took me a little to get into it, but in the end I did enjoy it. It's always hard to watch these movies when you have your own visual of how you expect characters to look/act. Once I got adjusted to their interpretation of the characters, I was able to enjoy it. I will watch it again one night, and hopefully do so without comparing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hubby's day off in India!

So, it was a Holiday in India today (or yesterday for him now LOL), which meant no work for Hubby. He, and Ken (an employee from the Newcastle Office), rented motorcycles for the day to head out of Chennai. They headed South to Mahabalipuram, a resort town 60km away. Sounds like he finally had a nice time out there! The pictures of the beach where they had lunch look absolutely wonderful... especially compared to the lovely snow I am presently looking at. He also made it to a few temples as well. I'm glad to hear that he is finally enjoying himself, he hasn't had much of anything nice to say until now.

Oh, he did get into a little trouble shortly after heading out on the bikes. He got caught speeding!!! Although sounds like it was easily sorted out. He says it was a pay right now kind of ticket, so 300 rp later (under $10), he was on his way LOL.

Here are the pictures he sent to me. Editing to mention that Hubby is the one with the sunglasses!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A post for dreaming!

Okay, with all the crappy weather we have been having... I need a pick me up LOL. I like to browse yachts for sale, see what is out there, and for what price! It's my little way of reminding myself what we are working towards. So, for your enjoyment as well... here are some of the boats out there! Here is the link to the search I have just done, it will show all the boats in our range. I am also going to put some info and photos up for you to see as well.

These are from a 99ft 1999 Benetti

These pics are from an 1998 Azimut 98ft

This actually shows a perfect layout for us! The Master cabin is mid-ship along with the two twin cabins. The guest cabin is aft, and the crew cabins are fore.

This is a 95ft 1988 Heesen

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trying to feel like spring is here...

So, in a very lame attempt to feel like spring might finally be coming... I started our seeds! LOL. So far, it doesn't feel all that much like spring yet... maybe in a few weeks when things start to grow. Or, when all this crappy snow decides to go and bother someone else!

Here is a list of what was started today.
  • Extra Long Chili Peppers
  • Sweet Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Cilantro
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Golden California Pepper
  • Parsley
  • Beefstake tomato
  • Small Sugar Pumpkin
  • Speckled Swan Gourd
  • Snake Gourd
  • Okra - Penta Dragon
  • White Pampass Grass
  • Cactus Novelty Mix
Yes, some of these are more for the kids than me... but I did promise they could have their own gardens this year! I am really looking forward to getting dirty this year. Last year was a bit too difficult, what with having to chase Little Man around making sure he didn't eat anything LOL. Now that he can play on his own a bit, I should be able to have some time for the Garden. Due to the bit of neglect it got last year, I am considering having someone come by to get it ready. We had asked someone to do a fall clean-up last year, but he never showed up!

Little Man was having a very cranky day today, not sure what was up, but he was not happy! It all started off first thing this morning. I gave him his toothbrush, while I brushed mine. He looked at mine, looked at his, looked at mine, looked at his, and decided that something wasn't right... and fell down on the floor screaming at me! By the time I was dressed, and ready to go downstairs, he had thrown 5 fall down fits. He had a short 45 min nap this morning, but would NOT go down this afternoon... at all... no way... even though he was a screaming disaster. I finally calmed him down with a little In the Night Garden, and was able to leave him to make dinner about 45 minutes later. Shortly after that, Monkey whispers to me that Little Man has fallen asleep! I do have pictures, but am still having problems with downloading... otherwise you could see just how cute he was slumped over on the couch. Monkey was being very sweet making sure that nothing was too loud so that Little Man could keep sleeping.

Hubby has been calling regularly so far this trip, it has been great to hear his voice every day. So far, he doesn't seem to think much of Chennai, India. It would seem that it is one of the yuckier city's in India. He did of course make the comment that he couldn't get much further away from me if he tried LOL. He's just lucky he's so far away, or he might find himself sleeping on the couch LOL.

It's time for me to deal with some laundry, as well as cut some laminating. I had some maze puzzles laminated for the boys, at least this way they can all do the mazes!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Did I say a few inches???

I wasn't correct when I said there was a few inches of snow on the ground... more like 6-8! I just spent a good 45 minutes clearing the sidewalks, and part of the driveway of wet, heavy snow. My hands aren't obeying commands as well as usually, they feel very stiff... can't wait to see how they feel tomorrow, along with my arms, and back. I took some pictures, but for some reason I can't seem to download them from my camera... I think it is a cable issue, but just no sure yet. Here is a news link about all the snow.

At least it was a way to deal with the frustration, and bit of anger, over the boys behavior after dinner. I am getting so very tired of the fits, with the kicking, screaming, and general overall freaking out! I am also tired of hearing how much Monkey hates me, which of course Bug is now saying as well. I am not a bad mother, I don't think I let my kids run rampant. I wouldn't say they are the most well behaved children, but lately it feels like it is slowly getting worse. I don't want to feel like I have to stay home because of how they act... but I also don't want to be in public when they act up either!

Hubby did call this afternoon, which was around 2am for him in India. He had just arrived in Chennai a little while earlier, and was on his way to the hotel. He of course had to comment on how it was 28­­° there, not what you say to your wife when she will shortly have to dig her way out of the house to get the boys to school!!!! I will admit to being a smidge jealous of this trip, I can hardly wait until we are all able to see these places as well. I want to experience all the different places, and people, that the world has to offer. I want our boys to understand how, and why, other people live the way they do. I want them to experience the world!

If anyone has any ideas on how to get my boys to stop the crazy freak outs when not getting their way... please let me know. And No, I do not give in... I can be a very stubborn person when need be.

Rant coming...

I really try my best to not say anything negative about hubby, I don't think it's very productive in our marriage. But, I am sad, hurt, and angry right now, and need to get this out.

As you all know, he has been gone a lot for business lately... it is just the way things are right now. I know he is busy, jet-lagged, and in a different time zone than us... but...

It is the WEEKEND, turn your damn PHONE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to talk to you, the kids would love to talk to you. The last 3 Weekends your phone has been off for one reason or another. You are about to travel to India, which then puts you 11.5 hours ahead of us. Please, please just give myself, and the boys a chance to say 'Hi', we miss you!

The boys especially need to hear from you, they have hardly seen, or talked, to you for 2 months. You must realize that this affects them, and not in the best way either.

Okay, I feel a little better. It just really puts a kink in my day when I can't talk to him. When he is home, we see each other throughout the day since he works from home. It isn't helping that there is a few inches of snow on the ground, especially after the wonderful warm spring weather we have been having. Knowing that Hubby is about to enjoy +30­°C weather in India... definitely not helping either. I just don't know how to get through to him how much the boys, and I, need this from him.

Alright, it is time to make some breakfast for my monsters. Ugh, I hate snow days!

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

Well, officially spring has started! It's about time LOL. As much as I have been looking forward to the start of warm weather here, it hasn't been the best day. It all started off with a bang at 5:30am with Little Man screaming away in his crib. Settled him back down, scream at 6am, settle him back down, scream at 6:30am. I think you get the idea. Finally give up, and bring him downstairs. At this point I notice him tugging on his right ear.... great... I gave him some Advil, and made everyone breakfast. After a half hour or so, he finally started to get happy again.

After dropping Monkey off at school, I called the Dr's office to get Little Man in ASAP. Thankfully she could sneak us in just before 11am. One problem with this, I need to pick Monkey up from school! So, I call up my Mom to get him for me, thank goodness she could do this. In the meantime, off to the playplace for a little fun until it's time to see our Dr. Yah, not so much fun, and no, it was not because of Little Man. Bug decided to have a massive fit (I believe the 3rd of the day, and it was only 10am), so we had to leave. I didn't want to do anything that he might even remotely consider fun, so I parked in my Mom's store parking lot. After 25 minutes he finally says 'Sorry'... 25 minutes of crying, and whining. How could this day get any better???

At 11am I get in to see our Dr, and sure enough Little Man has another ear infection. He hadn't had one for almost 5 months, guess this means that he will definitely be having surgery in May. After getting the prescription, we pick up Monkey from my Mom's store, and head home. I had really been looking forward to having the Nanny over this afternoon... with feeling this sick, I was considering having a nap, or taking Monkey with me to get some seeds to start. Again, things didn't go according to plan. Her little guy (he's 8 months), is sick with a stomach bug of some kind. Totally understandable, but still sucks to be me.

It feels like today has consisted of fit, after fit, after fit. Whining, and screaming, and whining. Monkey, and Bug did not get get any dinner tonight. I asked them to clean all the toys up in the yard before coming in for dinner. They of course just played around, goofed off, you name it. They had been warned that they would not be eating if it was not done by 6pm, which is 30 minutes after dinner is on the table. Sure enough, 6pm roles around, the yard is exactly the same. I had them all in bed by 7pm tonight... well except for Bug. He just will not stay in his room anymore! I have finally (40 minutes ago) locked his door, and can still hear him screaming away. You would think he would have gone to sleep by now.

I do feel a bit bad for doing this, but spending 1 & 1/2 hours putting him back to bed is just not an option. I need my time in the evenings to clean, relax, and get ready for the next day. This is especially vital with Hubby gone so long right now. If he is still going on when I am done here, I will go and talk to him. I just don't know what to do about this night time thing, it really needs to stop for my sanity's sake.

On to gardening. I want to try the upside down tomato planters this year, but don't really want to spend the $20 that they go for. I found this homemade option, that truthfully looks a lot nicer than the other ones anyways! Thankfully I don't need to figure out the drilling part right now, power tools are not really my friends LOL. Hubby will be home before I need these, but I will most likely get the supplies now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Has Arrived!

About time too! LOL It was a wonderful 13°C outside today, with the sun shining down. After naps this afternoon, we all headed outside to the yard for a little fun. It was good to see the boys just have fun, without the constant fighting that I am used to hearing. I hope we have many, many more days like this... it makes me feel so much better. I of course have a picture overload, I'm thinking this will be common for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick post before bed.

So, it has not been the best, or the worst, week so far around here. I am now sick (head type cold), tired from multiple night wake-ups, and stressed from doing it all on my own! Although I can't say it is all on my own now, as I did hire a P/T Nanny last week... why didn't I do this sooner???? I have asked her to come nice and early tomorrow to help me out at the worst time around here... getting out the door to school! So, I will just be taking Bug, and leaving Monkey, and Little Man here with her. I'm hoping that by having her come a few mornings like this that I can reduce my stress a lot. It will go down much more when Hubby finally comes home, which won't be for another 3.5 weeks.

I was informed by Monkey last night, after I gave the ultimatum of 'Sit at the table, and eat your dinner, or go to bed', that He is going to Hate me Forever, and Live with Grandma Forever! I told him it was fine if he hated me, but that he would not be living with Grandma. Crazy Monkey LOL. This from the boy whom I found curled up in my bed the other night when I went to get in, he stayed the whole night with me snuggled up. That has not happened in a very, very long time.

Little Man finally got into see the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Dr this afternoon. Since we haven't had any ear infections since October, I figured he would just send us on our way. Well, that isn't exactly what happened. Little Man has fluid bulging in his ears (which would explain the frequent screaming at night lately), thankfully not infected though. Due to the fluid, and the history of ear infections, he wants him to get tubes put in his ears. We are scheduled for surgery May 5th. Prior to the surgery, we will see the Dr again to see how his ears are doing. If they are better, he may postpone surgery... we just have to wait and see.

I know this is a simple easy surgery, not as bad as when Monkey had a testicle retracted last year, but it doesn't mean that it isn't freaking me out! I felt like crying on the drive home. At this point I don't know for sure whether Hubby will be home at that time or not, but we probably won't know until a few days before. So, I will be making sure I have back-up sitters available for Monkey, and Bug while I am with Little Man.

This just freaking sucks!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Surprise today!

The boys, and I, really didn't do much of anything today. Watched a little TV, played some games, music... pretty much just hung out. I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner tomorrow, my Parents, Japanese Sister, and her family, are all coming over for dinner. Shortly after 3pm, my Mom called me up to say that Grandpa wanted to know if I would like to the boys to come stay the night!?!

I started stuttering at a loss for words, trust me, this does not happen often. She said that I could think about it, of course I quickly stated that I didn't need to think about it, but to ask the boys... knowing full well that they would LOVE to spend the night at Grandma, and Grandpa's house. So, here I am in my big house, all alone! This is a truly rare occasion LOL. I think the last time I had the house to myself like this was June of 2008. I quickly had a shower, and packed the boys up. Dropped them off about 3 blissful hours ago LOL. I haven't done too much, picked some books up at Chapters, had dinner at Sushi Boat, and now am sitting here with a Chai.

I will shortly get the house tidied up, and then maybe do some reading. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and hopefully straight through as well. This will allow me to get some housework done in the morning, start dinner, and shower, all before the boys are brought home around Noon... of course my Parents will be staying till dinner... so I at least will have company, and help.

Here's some pics from the last few days.

Little Man Dancing Around

Monkey getting his finger stuck in tape LOL.

Cool Little Man

Bug upset because Monkey filled his snack bowl up LOL.

Bug being cute.

My wonderful Monkey

Bug pretending to sleep on the coffee table.

The Man I miss so much right now....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why, oh why????

So, the last few days have gone fairly well. We've been out the door on time for school, no major meltdowns. But, WTH is Little Man trying to do to himself???? He does this massive back arch, you can hear his back cracking, when he doesn't get his way. But, then he starts to hit himself in the head??? I can sort of see when his is on the floor throwing a fit, he flops around, kicks his legs, whacks his arms... but to purposely hit himself??? I don't remember the other boys doing this, the back arch, Yes... but not hitting like this.

Must the fits escalate with each child??? Monkey's were easily dealt with, Bug's were a bit worse, but nothing too crazy. Little Man on the other hand LOL. If I say No to anything, the fit ensues. For the most part he is a happy Little Man, but then his alter ego comes out. I guess I should just be happy that he only does this at home. For now at least, I still have the lovely 2's to deal with soon enough LOL.

So Monkey has figured out the stereo now. This kid just seems to have a knack for all things electronic, must get that from Hubby. We have this nice little stereo from Philips, we actually got it while in England. For whatever strange reason, they have not brought it to Canada yet?!?! In the last few days he has inserted a Cranberries, Fine Young Cannibals, Tool, and Colin James CD. I can't even remember the last time I listened to the Cranberries, FYC, or Colin James. His favorite amazingly enough was Tool LOL. It's a darn good thing that Hubby, and I, are both Tool fans. I just pray that he doesn't ever bring any Rap or Country into our house LOL. I think the funniest things was a few months ago. He was listening to some music on the computer, when Tool's Vicarious came on. He started bopping along, and informed that it was really good music LOL. It was all I could do to not fall on the floor laughing.

So, here is what my Monkey thinks is good music... personally I think he has great taste LOL.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So far... So good...

So, it has been three days since Hubby went on his latest business trip, and so far... it's not too bad! One big thing for me is that I hired a part-time Nanny. This is giving me a nice break, to clean the house, get out to run some errands, or whatever I feel like doing! So far I am very happy, she is very nice, and good with the boys. She also comes with a built in buddy for Little Man, as she has an eight month old son. The only thing I really wonder about.... is why did it take me so long to do this!!!!

Nothing crazy has been going on around here, just the typical day to day crud LOL. I was proud of myself for keeping the yelling to a minimum. I'm not sure if it will ever disappear, there are times that the only way to be heard above the clamor is to yell! I was particularly proud this morning to be all in the van right on time to get to school.... without yelling! Only had to give Monkey one warning to get his boots, coat on. Hopefully we can continue this trend.

Hubby didn't get to spend much time in Rome, although he was given a short tour before he had to leave. I can hardly wait until we can all go, and truly enjoy all that the City has to offer. Right now he his back in NewCastle awaiting approval on his visa application to go to India... which should be by early next week. The quicker he gets to India, the quicker he can get home.

I am off to enjoy a nice Chai tea that I am about to make, watch some of my shows... and get an early night!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting ready to say Good Bye again...

Well, in just a few hours, we will be saying Good Bye to Hubby... again! He his presently off getting the needed vaccines for going to India, thankfully we found a place that could get him in quick. It also made me realize that we should probably get the boys, and myself some vaccines as well. I was thinking of the Twinrex, not sure about any others right now though... can deal with those when the time comes.

We stayed home today, the boys are sick (snot, coughing... typical cold), and with the freezing temperatures outside I didn't really want to go anywhere anyways. Hopefully they are better tomorrow, since I need some groceries, I don't have much choice but to go out. At least the weather is supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow... I really hope we get the temps they are calling for this weekend (15°), at least then I can get out of the house... and get the boys away from the TV easier.

So, here's to 3-4 weeks on my own again... God help me!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And so it begins...

Hubby left not too long ago for Ohio... I truly hate saying Goodbye to him. He will get home late Friday, and then we will at least have the weekend before he heads out again. Monday night he is taking off for Italy, then off to Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) for the 12th-15th. Then he will be headed to India, for an undetermined amount of time... most likely 1-2 weeks. When he gets back from that trip, he will most likely have to head down to New Mexico. This is all on top of some other trips that he already has scheduled over the coming months.

I wonder just how long we can all handle this. I am working on the boys attitude, but it takes time... and all these changes at home don't help the situation at all. Hubby gets 6 weeks of holiday every year, last year he used a total of 2 weeks. Not sure how it will all pan out for this year with all this traveling, I just hope we do get some time.

I just want him home.... our boys drain me each, and every day. I need his strength to help keep me going.

Monday, March 2, 2009

He is Home!!!!

Cheers... He is Home!!!! Hubby had a wonderful reception at the door when he got home LOL. Both Bug, and Monkey were there immediately for great big hugs. Little Man was a little slower, but he certainly made up for it in enthusiasm.... it was really sweet to hear, and see him come toddling over as fast as he could to Hubby. Of course, within a minute, Monkey looked at Hubby's suitcase, and asked what he was getting LOL. Hubby didn't get them much, they don't really need anything, but did get them some really cute London Bus Key Chains for their backpacks. He also brought a Hotel Card (Monkey collects them LOL), as well as the train ticket. Both are coveted items around here.

It was just so nice to have him here, even though I know it won't be for long. The boys were having fun showing off for him, and getting snuggles whenever they could fit them in. Hubby was a bit amazed with Little Man, he didn't know about some of his new words, or sounds. All in all, it was a very nice end to the day.

Nothing too crazy happened around here today, other than cleaning, and organizing. With being sick last week, and especially this weekend, the house had taken a definite turn for the worse. It's nice to have it back on course, still not all done, but the big things dealt with. Tomorrow will be time enough to get if finished off.

I am going to relax a bit here tonight, hopefully something good is on to watch while I compile the grocery list (10% Tuesday tomorrow). I will be using my new Ipod Touch to do the grocery list this time, I hope it works as well as I think it should!

Hopefully we can have some good family time tomorrow before Hubby has to leave again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I had a feeling....

I finally got hold of Hubby a little while ago, sure enough his phone was dead. He had just started charging it when he got on the train to London a few minutes earlier. I was able to fill him in on the highlights from the last few days, had to make it quick as cell service is spotty at best when on the trains. We were also able to talk about any other trips he may have coming up.

I have had a feeling for the last few weeks, that hubby's business trips were just going to get worse... women's intuition or whatever. Sure enough, doesn't sound like he is going to be home all that much this year. He will be home tomorrow, then down to Ohio from Wednesday to Friday. He then figures he will be back to Ohio the next week.

He says that things are just getting crazy busy, with new jobs coming up left, right, and centre! He thinks he will be heading to India in a little while, as they just got a contract for there. He mentioned somewhere else, but I can't remember where now?!?!

He says that he really hopes the company sells soon. He is no longer listed as a founder (had his name taken off back in November), so he will have more control if the buyer's want him to come work with them for any length of time. I've told him that if they are willing to pay enough, we can handle things for a little while longer.

Now I just need the strength to handle the boys, and household matters on my own for a while!