Thursday, March 12, 2009

So far... So good...

So, it has been three days since Hubby went on his latest business trip, and so far... it's not too bad! One big thing for me is that I hired a part-time Nanny. This is giving me a nice break, to clean the house, get out to run some errands, or whatever I feel like doing! So far I am very happy, she is very nice, and good with the boys. She also comes with a built in buddy for Little Man, as she has an eight month old son. The only thing I really wonder about.... is why did it take me so long to do this!!!!

Nothing crazy has been going on around here, just the typical day to day crud LOL. I was proud of myself for keeping the yelling to a minimum. I'm not sure if it will ever disappear, there are times that the only way to be heard above the clamor is to yell! I was particularly proud this morning to be all in the van right on time to get to school.... without yelling! Only had to give Monkey one warning to get his boots, coat on. Hopefully we can continue this trend.

Hubby didn't get to spend much time in Rome, although he was given a short tour before he had to leave. I can hardly wait until we can all go, and truly enjoy all that the City has to offer. Right now he his back in NewCastle awaiting approval on his visa application to go to India... which should be by early next week. The quicker he gets to India, the quicker he can get home.

I am off to enjoy a nice Chai tea that I am about to make, watch some of my shows... and get an early night!

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