Sunday, March 22, 2009

Did I say a few inches???

I wasn't correct when I said there was a few inches of snow on the ground... more like 6-8! I just spent a good 45 minutes clearing the sidewalks, and part of the driveway of wet, heavy snow. My hands aren't obeying commands as well as usually, they feel very stiff... can't wait to see how they feel tomorrow, along with my arms, and back. I took some pictures, but for some reason I can't seem to download them from my camera... I think it is a cable issue, but just no sure yet. Here is a news link about all the snow.

At least it was a way to deal with the frustration, and bit of anger, over the boys behavior after dinner. I am getting so very tired of the fits, with the kicking, screaming, and general overall freaking out! I am also tired of hearing how much Monkey hates me, which of course Bug is now saying as well. I am not a bad mother, I don't think I let my kids run rampant. I wouldn't say they are the most well behaved children, but lately it feels like it is slowly getting worse. I don't want to feel like I have to stay home because of how they act... but I also don't want to be in public when they act up either!

Hubby did call this afternoon, which was around 2am for him in India. He had just arrived in Chennai a little while earlier, and was on his way to the hotel. He of course had to comment on how it was 28­­° there, not what you say to your wife when she will shortly have to dig her way out of the house to get the boys to school!!!! I will admit to being a smidge jealous of this trip, I can hardly wait until we are all able to see these places as well. I want to experience all the different places, and people, that the world has to offer. I want our boys to understand how, and why, other people live the way they do. I want them to experience the world!

If anyone has any ideas on how to get my boys to stop the crazy freak outs when not getting their way... please let me know. And No, I do not give in... I can be a very stubborn person when need be.

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  1. Hi there, I feel for you, I can can just imagine how tiered you are. Can you get your P/T Nanny to maybe come in one day this week for a full day....go to a spa, do something for you, make it a full day though, a couple of hours just wont cut

    About the little guy gets $5.00 a week in allowence and every time he does not behave we subtract .25 cents...well let me tell you some weeks he ends up with nothing and when that happens he figures out that hes that much furthur away from getting a toy hes been saving for us. We have noticed a huge improvement in him listening and behaving. Good Luck!