Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am going to try implement rules here in our house... I need something more concrete for the boys to know what is/isn't expected of them. They aren't awful, but they seem to have the typical listening issues that most pre-schoolers do... so I'm hoping that having specific rules in the house will help them know what is allowed. There isn't anything crazy about the rules, mostly just basic things that need to be followed. I also didn't just decide them, we talked about this after dinner tonight. I will type them up, print them, and put them somewhere that they boys can see. Here is what we have so far.

  1. No hitting or biting
  2. No screaming or throwing fits
  3. Do not be rude and disrespectful (Corbin has been getting an attitude lately)
  4. No goofing off at the table
  5. Do not throw things (toys, food, towels, etc) in the house
  6. The pantry in the kitchen is off limits (I have caught Bug eating brown sugar in there)
  7. Do not take other people's things
  8. Be polite, say please & thank-you
  9. Toys must be put away before you can have dinner
I wouldn't say we have major issues with these things, but they could turn out that way if not dealt with soon. It will also help our Nanny to know what we expect from the boys, although so far there hasn't been an issue.

Have I mentioned how happy I am to have our Nanny?? She comes part time 3-4 mornings/afternoons a week... a real life saver for me! This week I have her scheduled so that I can start taking a Yoga class at the local YMCA Monday afternoons. I am also going to be taking the boys, one at a time, to the swimming pool. With plans to live on a yacht in a few years, strong swimming skills will be a necessity! Bug, and Little Man will do just fine I think, Monkey will take some time... he's always needed a little time to adjust to things.

Monkey had a fun night at Grandma's last night, she took him home after coming here for dinner. She then took him to Tai Chi in the morning, and then took him painting with her. He did some very nice paintings. I would post them, but still having problems with downloading from my camera, and Hubby's computer has died (I suspect the power supply fried), which is connected to the scanner. If I feel up to it, I might just bring the scanner/printer to the kitchen and hook it up here. What is it with electrical things acting up when Hubby is away?

I was able to talk to Hubby this morning, he had spent the day riding around on the motorcycles again. I'm glad he actually has some time to see things, usually on these trips he gets very little down time to enjoy things.

Oh, I watched Twilight last night!!!!! I have read the books multiple times... yes I LOVE to read LOL. It took me a little to get into it, but in the end I did enjoy it. It's always hard to watch these movies when you have your own visual of how you expect characters to look/act. Once I got adjusted to their interpretation of the characters, I was able to enjoy it. I will watch it again one night, and hopefully do so without comparing.


  1. We have house rules...I did find it helpful to have them and read somewhere to use positive phrasing...instead of "Don't Hit your brother" try "Gentle hands Please!".

    Our rules are as follows:

    Gentle Hands
    Walking Feet
    Listening ears
    Respect one another
    Use good manners

    When the boys struggle with something I try and phrase it like the rule and sometimes role-play the behaviour I would like to see.

    I don't envy you having to do so much of this on your own.


  2. Those are wonderful ideas, thank you very much.