Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Toddlers and Spaghetti

What is it with toddlers and spaghetti??? Little Man had a fine time of it today LOL. His face was orange from top to bottom, even some of his hair had changed colour. He also figured that it must be easier to eat if he just puts his face in his plate! I truly wanted to tell him no, but the smile he gave me coming up from the plate was just too adorable. Of course the older two boys thought it was rather funny, which also made Little Man want to do it even more... if only I could put blinders on them at the table, maybe they would not see the craziness that their brother is pulling!

With the orange faces, bath time was a must tonight. I find it much easier to bath them in my tub, which is a corner one with a seat. Their bath is just a little too tight for the 3 of them. Monkey and Bug both enjoy sliding down the seat into the water, although now that Little Man is in with them, it has been somewhat curtailed, but not totally eradicated. I guess Little Man has been watching closely though. He got onto the little seat, and came down saying Whee with a big smile of his face. Now, he doesn't slide down, just steps down the same way he comes up... but to him it is a slide like his older brothers. He just looks so proud of himself after he has done this, melts his Mama's heart.

Other than that, it will be another quiet night here. I have a chai tea simmering on the stove, it smells so good. I will mop the floors first, and start the diapers... then sit back, and relax!


  1. I hope you took pictures. I loved those special "spaghetti moments.

  2. I was directed to your blog by a close friend and must admit I was a bit taken back by the comments on your blog about writing a friend out of your life. I honestly would have commented earlier, but oddly enough a close friend passed away. As a reader that does not know you personally I will admit that when I read your blog I get the sense of how much you miss your Husband when he is travelling for business. I truly believe you are a good wife & mother. When you write in your blog about your husband having to leave on another business trip - I sense how much you are going to miss him while he is gone. I have asked myself - life takes us in different directions - I wonder if this is the direction she thought her life would take her when you said I do so many years ago. You are lucky to have a friend who is being honest about their thoughts and opinions. Writing a blog about your own thoughts and opinions - you are opening yourself to such commentary and judgement. I get the feeling that you feel attacked and "side-swiped". Did you not do that yourself when you posted your thoughts and feelings about your friend? If you do not want to open yourself to such thoughts and commentary - then why are you writing a blog?