Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Surprise today!

The boys, and I, really didn't do much of anything today. Watched a little TV, played some games, music... pretty much just hung out. I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner tomorrow, my Parents, Japanese Sister, and her family, are all coming over for dinner. Shortly after 3pm, my Mom called me up to say that Grandpa wanted to know if I would like to the boys to come stay the night!?!

I started stuttering at a loss for words, trust me, this does not happen often. She said that I could think about it, of course I quickly stated that I didn't need to think about it, but to ask the boys... knowing full well that they would LOVE to spend the night at Grandma, and Grandpa's house. So, here I am in my big house, all alone! This is a truly rare occasion LOL. I think the last time I had the house to myself like this was June of 2008. I quickly had a shower, and packed the boys up. Dropped them off about 3 blissful hours ago LOL. I haven't done too much, picked some books up at Chapters, had dinner at Sushi Boat, and now am sitting here with a Chai.

I will shortly get the house tidied up, and then maybe do some reading. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and hopefully straight through as well. This will allow me to get some housework done in the morning, start dinner, and shower, all before the boys are brought home around Noon... of course my Parents will be staying till dinner... so I at least will have company, and help.

Here's some pics from the last few days.

Little Man Dancing Around

Monkey getting his finger stuck in tape LOL.

Cool Little Man

Bug upset because Monkey filled his snack bowl up LOL.

Bug being cute.

My wonderful Monkey

Bug pretending to sleep on the coffee table.

The Man I miss so much right now....

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  1. Love the pictures...great shots with your new camera.