Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rant coming...

I really try my best to not say anything negative about hubby, I don't think it's very productive in our marriage. But, I am sad, hurt, and angry right now, and need to get this out.

As you all know, he has been gone a lot for business lately... it is just the way things are right now. I know he is busy, jet-lagged, and in a different time zone than us... but...

It is the WEEKEND, turn your damn PHONE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to talk to you, the kids would love to talk to you. The last 3 Weekends your phone has been off for one reason or another. You are about to travel to India, which then puts you 11.5 hours ahead of us. Please, please just give myself, and the boys a chance to say 'Hi', we miss you!

The boys especially need to hear from you, they have hardly seen, or talked, to you for 2 months. You must realize that this affects them, and not in the best way either.

Okay, I feel a little better. It just really puts a kink in my day when I can't talk to him. When he is home, we see each other throughout the day since he works from home. It isn't helping that there is a few inches of snow on the ground, especially after the wonderful warm spring weather we have been having. Knowing that Hubby is about to enjoy +30­°C weather in India... definitely not helping either. I just don't know how to get through to him how much the boys, and I, need this from him.

Alright, it is time to make some breakfast for my monsters. Ugh, I hate snow days!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog... and hang in there! I think the approach of spring makes us all a bit antsy and the least bit tolerant of winter coming back for a few days! You and hubby are living two different lives right now, and that's got to be a challenge at times. You'll get through it, and your dream of Cyprus will happen (you sound 100% committed to that dream) and you WILL lose the weight you want to lose.

    You're young and it'll happen... I used to be almost anorexic most of my life, ok, maybe that's a stretch, but at least I never worried about losing weight. Lemme tell ya, when you get past 45, it's a different story. Now I need to lose about 20 lbs, and it sucks!!! ;-)