Monday, March 2, 2009

He is Home!!!!

Cheers... He is Home!!!! Hubby had a wonderful reception at the door when he got home LOL. Both Bug, and Monkey were there immediately for great big hugs. Little Man was a little slower, but he certainly made up for it in enthusiasm.... it was really sweet to hear, and see him come toddling over as fast as he could to Hubby. Of course, within a minute, Monkey looked at Hubby's suitcase, and asked what he was getting LOL. Hubby didn't get them much, they don't really need anything, but did get them some really cute London Bus Key Chains for their backpacks. He also brought a Hotel Card (Monkey collects them LOL), as well as the train ticket. Both are coveted items around here.

It was just so nice to have him here, even though I know it won't be for long. The boys were having fun showing off for him, and getting snuggles whenever they could fit them in. Hubby was a bit amazed with Little Man, he didn't know about some of his new words, or sounds. All in all, it was a very nice end to the day.

Nothing too crazy happened around here today, other than cleaning, and organizing. With being sick last week, and especially this weekend, the house had taken a definite turn for the worse. It's nice to have it back on course, still not all done, but the big things dealt with. Tomorrow will be time enough to get if finished off.

I am going to relax a bit here tonight, hopefully something good is on to watch while I compile the grocery list (10% Tuesday tomorrow). I will be using my new Ipod Touch to do the grocery list this time, I hope it works as well as I think it should!

Hopefully we can have some good family time tomorrow before Hubby has to leave again.

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  1. Yeah!! Glad he is home finally! I bet the kids were super excited to see him.

    Enjoy your family time.