Thursday, March 26, 2009

A post for dreaming!

Okay, with all the crappy weather we have been having... I need a pick me up LOL. I like to browse yachts for sale, see what is out there, and for what price! It's my little way of reminding myself what we are working towards. So, for your enjoyment as well... here are some of the boats out there! Here is the link to the search I have just done, it will show all the boats in our range. I am also going to put some info and photos up for you to see as well.

These are from a 99ft 1999 Benetti

These pics are from an 1998 Azimut 98ft

This actually shows a perfect layout for us! The Master cabin is mid-ship along with the two twin cabins. The guest cabin is aft, and the crew cabins are fore.

This is a 95ft 1988 Heesen


  1. Wow! How amazing. So explain- you would buy the boat and live on it right? Would you be driving it or a crew? And is the plan to be cruising around the same area, docked some of the time? Indulge us. My life is a box. I'd like to see how someone thinks outside of that box.:)

  2. Yes, we would be living on the boat... the plan now is for a few years. Our plan is to crew it ourselves, but we would hire a crew if we needed it for a longer passage. We have also considered hiring a Captain for the first month to help us learn. We want to explore the Mediterranean, but as we get more comfortable on the boat, we would consider exploring other areas. I do expect us to be docked a good amount a time, it would just depend on how much we liked a certain area as to how long we would stay.

    I'm slowly learning to try to live life outside of the box LOL. If it wasn't for Hubby, I would probably still be in!