Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Simplicity!  That is what I need to strive for in my daily life.  The boys and I just got back from our last big camping trip of the season (Lake Louise), and I miss the simplicity of camping already.  The house and the yard are already stressing me out.  I have so much to get done before fall sets in, and that could easily be within a few weeks here!  I could get lucky and have till October to get most of the yard work dealt with, but I won't count on that.  I want the yard all ready for spring, so that we can get it planted and ready to go... then find someone to water and mow while we head out camping again!

So, for this simplicity that I am going to strive for.  I need to cut any and all extra's for a while, no shopping that isn't strictly necessary... it's not like I really need anything else right now.  I have clothes, the boys have clothes, I have everything I could possibly need!  Saving is going to be a huge goal this winter, for many different things.  Need to save for the trailer, have some improvements that I want to do next year, as well as camping fees!  I would also like to save for some iPad's for me and the boys, would be a great item for all the driving we are planning to do.  I also want to save for all the tattoo's and piercings I want to get, they aren't cheap!  And then of course to just have a nice a buffer in the bank, mine was depleted a fair bit with all of our camping and trailer needs.

School for the boys starts back up in a few weeks, which will allow me to get us all back on a good schedule.  Makes things much easier when we all know what is going on and when.  I'm looking forward to getting back to my running, I miss it!  It's such a good stress relief too!

I hope to update my blog more now that I am home, but for right now... the house calls!!!