Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Hubby!

Well, Hubby is now 40 years old... well sort of... almost... LOL. In India he is 40, but here in Canada he would still have a few hours to wait. I don't think he would mind waiting either, I suspect 40 is going to be a little difficult for him. I have spent a good chunk of the day sending off e-cards to him, so far I have sent him 25 cards!!! My Mom sent 3 off, and supposedly the SIL's are going to send some.. but they haven't let me know how many yet! I would love for him to have a total of 40 e-cards in his mailbox waiting for him... thankfully he is very far away, I'm sure it will annoy him to no end to see all those emails LOL. But, it serves him right for being gone so long.

I made a video of the boys singing Happy Birthday to him, which of course I sent. I also let them stay up a little bit later than normal (8:00pm), so that they could wish him a Happy Birthday on the phone. His phone is off though, so the boys left a message singing Happy Birthday. Hubby had threatened to keep his phone off for the day, but I really didn't think he would go through with it. It is now 9:15am in India, and his phone is still off.

Whatever Hubby is doing right now... I wish him a truly wonderful day. The boys, and I, can't wait to bake him a cake and help celebrate his birthday when he does finally come home!

My boys wishing Hubby Happy Birthday!

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