Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm back!

Okay, first there is a warning... this could be long! LOL. Let's start with the Homeschool conference...

Overall, I got a lot of very good information. My biggest issue was with a belief that was pushed more than I would have liked. I'm not bashing this belief, but it is certainly NOT what I believe. I do NOT believe in Creationism, but in Evolution. I believe in Carbon dating. I do not believe that Dinosaurs roamed the earth with us, but were in fact around millions of years ago. Yes, I do believe in God, but do not take the bible as literal. I attended one session titled Teaching Math & Science for Maximum Relevance, which up until the Science section was actually helpful. Unfortunately for me I got to listen to the speaker say that Carbon Dating is not a useful tool for dating, as the Earth is only 6000 years old according to the Bible. I also heard that Darwin created his theories because he did not want their to be a one true God?? That one really did not make sense to me. All in all, the basic information was good, but I still have a lot more research to do. At least I feel a tad bit more prepared to do this. There is a much smaller conference here next month that I will also attend that should give me the last bit of info I need.

The weekend out with my friends T & E was great! We had a wonderful dinner at our hotel Friday night. T & I polished off a nice bottle of red wine together, as well as a wonderful meal. The best part was not having any children yabbering away at us. The boys did just fine Nanny, and then had a great time with Grandma that night, and the following day. They were at least happy to have me home.

Sad news for me is that I had to take my camera (Canon EOS-50D) in for repair. I could not get it to communicate with any computer at all... so off it went. My little Fuji P & S digital also appears to have died. Hubby will be home tomorrow, so hopefully we can talk about what to get to replace that. It had the function to take video, which was so handy to have with the kids.

I am also starting to plan my Mother's 60th Birthday party for the end of May. It is going to be quite an event! I still don't have a full guest list, and I am at 105. Eeek! It will be held here at my house, which does scare me a little bit LOL. It will be set up as an open house, with RSVP's for anyone who would like to join us for dinner & cake. I'm figuring it will start sometime around 4pm, and go until the last person leaves. Two of my Uncles, my cousin & her daughter will be coming out from Winnipeg for the party. I haven't seen my Uncles in over 3 years, and it's been almost 2 years since I last saw my cousin and her daughter. My one Uncle will be staying with my Mom as he has trouble with stairs since he suffered a stroke last year. I'm not sure yet where my other Uncle will be staying... here or there. I'm sure you will see many posts in the coming months with my panicking about this event LOL.

Other than that, things are just going along. It was confirmed today that Little Man will be getting tubes put in May 5th. I hate that he will have to have this done, but I do know it will be for the best. Hubby will be home tomorrow afternoon, just in time for my Birthday! We don't know exactly how long he will be home for, his next known trip is May 13th for one week to the UK. Anything & Everything could come up between now and then. Other news is that Bug has been dry at night for the last week! If he keeps this up I could actually have him out of night diapers. Monkey on the other hand, is still wet most nights.

It is time for me to relax a bit tonight. Starting next week I will have a number of things to do to get ready for the big party here, so I'm sure I will be too busy to relax in the evenings... going to enjoy the quiet while it lasts!


  1. oh my gosh Angela! Who was pushing that!?
    Let me tell you, you choose exactly what you want your children to learn religion wise. We are so not religious at all! The school in Okotoks that we are registered through is a catholic school but religion is not even an issue. I was a little concerned this year because we chose to do online with our oldest, I thought maybe with a teacher supplying the work instead of us there might be some religion pushed into stuff, but I was assured that chances are there would be nothing and if there was I could just notify the teacher we did not want that. While the online schooling has not worked out as I had hoped, there has definitely not been a single religion issue.

    The only religion our kids learn is what my husband teaches them, I personally don't know much about religion really as I was raised in a very non-religious family, and it just does not interest me, my husband however is totally into history and all that and knows a lot about pretty much all religions. We choose to have them learn about all religions and the real basis of them, not what a lot of them have been twisted into these days, then when they are older they can make an informed decision on whether they want to be non-religious as we are, or if they want to follow a religion of their choosing.

  2. Jolene, it was the Alberta Home School Association! I got the impression they were a religous group, but didn't think it would be pushed that much! I did glean some good info, so it was not a total waste. I would think that a group that conservative in their views would advertise that a bit more, it could make some people very uncomfortable.

    Once I get my Mom's birthday party dealt with, I will have some time to figure out which route I want to take. One of these days I am going to have to pick your brain! LOL