Friday, April 24, 2009

Got to love curve balls!

I am always amazed at the direction that life can take us. I met Hubby at a time when I didn't really want to be in a relationship, and here I am almost 13 years later. At the time, I couldn't see us living anywhere except Yellowknife, again I am somewhere else. I never dreamed the dreams we have now, they used to be much more modest. Which brings me to now...

Nothing bad is happening, just some foresight planning on our parts. We are thinking we should downsize this year, and find a place where we can be mortgage free... as well as get us out of the City. Business is doing well, we just feel it would be prudent to start putting money aside. Our mortgage here is rather large, and I would truly love to not pay it. Yes, we can afford it, but then again why pay it if we don't need to? The money saved could really go a long way to financing the next phase of our lives.

The boys of course wouldn't care where we live, as long as we are together. With homeschooling to start soon, I don't really need to worry about any nearby schools. The further we are from the city, the less money we are likely to spend as well.

We have more than enough equity to get a decent house out where my parents live, but if we head a bit further out, we could have some land added to the house in our price range. I truly don't need anything fancy, as long as I can still have a dishwasher and my washer & dryer LOL. I love my washer and dryer!

I can't say for certain this will happen, but we are talking about it. It is like anything in life. You can plan all you want, but the end result is never exactly known. This could all be moot if the company sells, but if it doesn't sell this year, we will be prepared to wait it out.

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