Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not much longer

Good news at last! Hubby expects he will be home Thursday, and should be around for a week! He does have work to do, but at least he will be home. The boys have been constantly asking me where he is, and when he will be home. It sounds like they have even more contracts now, which is just crazy... he needs a break so badly. Hopefully we can have a chance to talk about vacations while he is home, since he gets 6 weeks, we should really start planning now.

We did have our quiet weekend here, the boys didn't even get dressed until the afternoon on Saturday, and then only because Grandma and Grandpa were coming over. Speaking of Grandpa, Little Man now says Bapa!!!! It's strange, but all the boys have called him Bapa until they are about 2, and then they switch to Grandpa. So, Little Man would not have heard this form of Grandpa very often at all. Unfortunately he has also started saying 'No', oh the joys of a toddler LOL.

Today we went to church for Palm Sunday, which isn't really the most enjoyable experience for me. In truth, I don't really like attending church these days. I just find that I am so busy with the boys that I don't have a chance to hear anything... and then I have to wonder what the point is? I wish there was a way to somehow get my boys to actually sit still... actually it's not too bad if Bug doesn't come, that boy does not know the meaning of quiet and sit. But, that is not something that is really an option, either we don't go, or we all do. At least Hubby will be home for Easter Service this coming Sunday.

Looks like the weather will finally be getting warmer! It is forecasted to be in the low teens (­­°C), so the snow should be melted away within a few days... which means I shouldn't need to shovel off Hubby's side of the drive way! There is about a foot of snow on his side, just didn't really see the point in shoveling it when his car would not be moving. But with him home later this week, he will need to get his car out once in a while.

I am off to watch Simpson, and Family Guy, then off to bed. I have actually had two decent nights of sleep, but still feel very tired. Hopefully tonight is also a good night.

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