Friday, April 10, 2009

Feels like summer is finally on the way!!!

What a truly gorgeous day. After preparing the cookies, the boys and I headed out to the park. I did make the boys wear sweaters, but didn't bother with one myself... it was just too nice. The sun was shining, just a hint of a breeze, it really was wonderful. Hopefully this weather continues for the rest of the season, the Winter just seemed to keep dragging on.

The best news today though, is that Hubby will be home soon!!!!! I believe his flight gets in around 9pm, so he should be home before 10pm. I am so looking forward to seeing him tonight, and the boys all know that he will be here, so they should be bugging him first thing in the morning. At this point, he believes his next trip will be on the 20th to the UK. It's only a week home, but I will take it.

In other news. I have finally gotten back into using my cloth diapers this week. For the last few months their usage has been fairly spotty, but this week I have used them all day every day. Which means I am only using one disposable for nights. I have had most of these diapers since Monkey was only 4 months old, so they have gotten some excellent use over the years. Now to just make sure that I stay on top of the laundry so that I can keep this up. The next thing would be to get rid of Monkey & Bug's night diaper use. Monkey is dry maybe 1-2 nights a week, and Bug is usually dry 3-4 nights a week. I just don't feel that they are totally ready to take them away yet... oh well, in their own time.

Off to fold some laundry, and get ready to welcome Hubby home!

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