Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Till Debt Do Us Part

I love this show! I think the advice in it is great, I sort of wish it had been on all those years ago when I could really use the help.

Okay... I could still use a little help LOL. I have done fairly well on the useless shopping trips, but some days when I look around the house, I wonder how I can possibly get rid of some things. I don't feel we are particularly cluttered, but I just think of all the 'stuff' we will need to get rid of when we move... and it makes me wonder why I don't get rid of it now? Maybe when Hubby is home I will get a chance to finally get into some of our 'things', and figure out where to take it.

The biggest things are toys, it's amazing how they somehow creep into a house. Of course, now that we are not going to have a baby in the house, we do have a number of things that could easily go. I was amazed the other day at how many clothes Little Man has outgrown that need to go, I had already sold all the newborn to 9 month stuff back in December.

We aren't by any means in the red, but I do know that we could easily have more for savings if we just watched things a little closer. I really should do a meal plan, and only do the one trip to the store to get it all. I have pretty much stopped buying my Soy Chai Lattes, I can easily make it at home for a fraction of the cost. It doesn't mean that I won't get them sometimes, but I have cut back a lot. Hmm... so maybe I should post a meal plan Sunday, and follow it for a week. See if it works out or not.


  1. Gosh, toys are the bane of my existence... ok, maybe that is an exaggeration. lol We do have a lot of toys and I need to get rid of more. UsedCalgary, here I come!

    Funny thing, when my hubby traveled I was able to get rid of so much stuff, now that he is home, I have a tough time. He is my hoarder.

    I LOVE meal planning. Makes life so much easier. I do about 5 days at a time, can't manage a whole week. Good luck with it!

  2. I have recently adopted a meal plan. I write the items needed on my shopping list as I plan. I have saved so much addition, I know what's in my cabinets now and can make use of left over items. Ie: bread crumbs, rice, etc.. On toys that are in good condition, maybe think about donating them to the children's hospital and baby clothes are a hot item on ebay...In these tough times...economize is the way to go.. Good luck. I love your blog and visit often.