Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just not much to say lately....

Well, things are just going along... but I don't really feel like saying much?!? Things aren't bad, but they aren't wonderful either... just there. I feel sort of like I am stuck in limbo, it's not a place I particularly like. I guess you could also call it a funk.

If I can get myself together tomorrow, I will write about the Homeschool Conference. I just can't seem to solidify my thoughts right now.


  1. Oh, gosh - having one of those weeks right now. Wishing for a sunny vacation on a Mediterranean island s'where ;-). Ok, I'm still being jealous! Lol.

  2. I have those moments too....leave the kids at home with hubby, go to the bookstore...spend the night in bed with yor new book...wrap yourself in it...it will take you away from the day to day grind...works for me! Oh wait then I never want to get out of bed...lol

  3. Sunshine in general would be nice right now! LOL. I just spent some time this afternoon shoveling snow off my driveway!!!

    Hubby is home tomorrow, so hopefully I get a sleep in on Saturday... a late Birthday present ;)