Saturday, April 25, 2009

He is truly serious this time!

So, Hubby called the realtor (left a message) who listed this house when we bought it a few years ago. Not sure exactly when we would list, but he is truly serious about selling this time. He is actually considering the house right next door to my parents... not too sure how I feel about that! LOL. I love my parents, but a little distance is always nice. It also really depends on how soon we could sell our house, and of course how much we will lose selling it. When we talked with a realtor last year, we were told we would lose a good $60,000! The market has stabilized, and with the fact that there are no 4 bedroom homes on our street for sale right now (most homes on our street are 3 bedroom), we may be able to price a bit higher for that reason.

We would have a fair bit of work to make the house ready for viewings, tidying up, organizing, attention to details. Which I will be having to do for my Mom's birthday party anyways! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about moving again, but have done it often enough the last 3 years... and at least this one won't be overseas! It will also be a bit strange to be in a smaller house, but we will adjust easily enough. When we get the boat one day, we would have to adjust to smaller living space then as well. This will also be a good time to get rid of a bunch of stuff LOL. Garage sales here I come!

So, here's to living with little to no mortgage!!!!!


  1. Mortgage that sounds nice...good luck buddy!

  2. We are going to meeting the realtor Friday evening... then I guess listing the house ASAP! I'm a little nervous!!!