Friday, April 3, 2009

A busy few days

After a way too short visit from Hubby, who unfortunately wasn't even home 24 hours, it seems we have been go, go, go! Yesterday I took Monkey to the pool, first time we have gone in a very long time. He did so well! He usually gets very upset, and will cry for most of the time in the water. He has always taken time to adjust to new things, but being in the water has been an on, and off kind of thing. So, I was pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed himself. He didn't even flip out when his face would accidentally go under the water, which was always an issue before. The pool at the Y is really nice, the one we spent time in was a variable depth pool, so it came to just below Monkey's armpits. Afterwards I went to Costco with him, where he was really good. He was perfectly happy playing with my iPod touch.

Today I took Bug to the pool, now that boy was sooooo excited! He was also much more work then Monkey LOL, he was just everywhere in that pool. I sometimes forget how he is without his brothers around, probably because I have had little time with just him. He chattered non-stop, moved non-stop, and just had an absolute blast. He worked really well on kicking his legs, and even got his arms and legs going together a few times. When the free pool time was up, we went into the big pool for another 15 minutes, and he was just as happy there. After that he came and helped me get some shopping done, he was just as excited to do that as swimming LOL. I also forget how much that boy can chatter.

We have a fairly quiet weekend planned, the weather isn't going to be all that great. So, I picked up a few movies for them to watch over the next few days. We also have some crafts to complete, and some plants to transplant. More than enough to keep us going till school on Monday.

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