Monday, April 13, 2009

Another long week....

So, Easter is done. I do like holiday's, but find that I get so busy doing things, that I don't really get a chance to enjoy them... know what I mean??? In some ways I am actually looking forward to spending them overseas again, it is just so much easier when it is just us. But then again, I would miss spending time with family... guess either way there are issues LOL.

I have a fairly busy week planned, along with a very busy weekend. I will be attending a conference in a City about an hour away on Homeschooling. I am really looking forward to going, but also know that it will be busy. I will be attending with a few friends, so will have some girl time to look forward... and there will be no little boys demanding my attention while I am trying to get things done! It's amazing how they don't seem to need you when you are just trying to hang out with them, but as soon as you try to get some housework, cooking, potty break, anything else done they need your attention right now this instant or I will throw a massive fit.... phew, sorry for the run on sentence LOL.

The boys really aren't that bad, but it does amaze me how catastrophic it can be to go potty once in a while LOL.

Don't know exactly what travel plans Hubby has right now, there is a good chance he will need to leave in a few days, or it could be next week. But, sooner or later, he does have more work overseas to do. So, I am just doing my best to enjoy him while he is here. I know the boys are happy he is here, they are actually worried he has left on another trip when he is out of the room for too long. It will be hard when he has to leave again, but they will adjust as usual.

Hubby and I were talking about yachts the other day, and actually narrowed down the requirements a little bit. He would much rather get a yacht that is either built of steel, or composite. Thankfully he knows more about this type of stuff than I do LOL. I'm more concerned about the galley layout, as well as the decor. Since we plan to live on the yacht for a number of years, I want it to be comfortable. I have seen some yachts that have rather interesting decor... I'm not really a fan of animal prints everywhere, or bright purple leather couches. I'm sure we will be able to find something suitable when the time comes.

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  1. OOOohh, to be able to plan for an ACTUAL yacht! To live on! So very exciting.

    Are you already homeschooling? My oldest boy is just 5 now and we started this past year. LOVING it.

    Now visions of mediterranean seas are drifing about in my head...