Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feel like I am trying to do too much!

I am just so tired by about 7pm these days, I barely move after getting the kids to bed. I am spending my days trying to placate the kidlets, while at the same time organizing, tidying & de-personalizing!!! It feels like a constantly upward battle. I did fairly well with our bedroom, managed to go through all the clothes. I ended up with 2 bags of baby, maternity, & regular clothes for donation. One box for our Nanny for her 10 month old. Another bag of garbage, mostly baby clothes that was just too damaged or stained. And another pile of maternity clothes that I will take for consignment.

Presently I am going through my sewing room, getting rid of material, odds & ends, (about 1 bag of garbage so far, a few piles for some friends), and in general trying to make it look nicer. The next battle will be the toy room. I am going to have to put a lot of their toys away while we are showing the house... who knows, if they don't notice it missing, I might just get rid of it permanently! After that will be the pantry, which shouldn't be too bad. Then it will be the easy rooms, front living room, front hall closet, Hubby's office, dining room, and main living room. Those rooms mainly need a quick de-cluttering, but are otherwise in decent shape. I will hopefully get through it all by next weekend, which is when Hubby will be heading back to the UK for a week or so.

My Mom's party is coming along nicely. The invites will be out tomorrow, and I am already talking to bakeries about cakes. I have also talked to a few of the ladies attending to see if they can help me with some baking for the party. The final guest list is at 115 people, hopefully not more than 80 end up coming through. I did ask for RSVP for the dinner to be held at 6:00pm, there is just no way to guess how much food to have available. Next week I need to contact some companies to rent some glasses, plates, and napkins. I would like this to be as classy as possible.

Well, there ends my break LOL. Off to finish the sewing room.

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