Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Do you ever find yourself questioning your actions? I do.

I have presently removed a few posts from my blog, I didn't really want to, as they are about my life, and about who I am... but, they were causing more headache then they were worth. I am not questioning my decisions regarding these situations, just using my blog to vent my feelings.

I started this blog to chronicle the journey that my Hubby and I are on, one that will have many twists and turns in it. We have our dreams, and a hopeful timeline to fulfill them, but know that many things do not go according to plan. That journey right now requires that we spend much more time apart than we would like, time that is especially important for our children.

The year that we spent in England brought Hubby, and I, much closer together than we had been... not to say that we weren't before, but it changes when you don't have any other support system around. In many ways, he has become all I really need. So, as I'm sure you can understand, having him gone this long is very painful for me. I look to Hubby as the head of our family, and to lead us in this journey. I do not feel that I must obey him (and trust me, he would laugh if anyone accused me of doing this!), but do trust him to find the right path for us to take. I do my best to take care of our children, and our house, as I feel that is my responsibility. It is his responsibility to provide for us all, which he does without fail.

I am sure that things will come up that people will not understand or agree with, but that is not what drives me. What drives me is my family.

I want to thank everyone who has/will read this blog, it's nice to know that what I have to say matters. I hope to continue this blog for many years to come, and that you will continue to visit as well.

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  1. How ever you decide to run YOUR household is your porogative..do what is best and works best for you...:)