Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anniversaries, and sleeping arrangements

A dozen years, that is how long I was married as of yesterday! It's hard to believe it has been that long already, and only 8 more till 20!!! Unfortunately, Hubby is rather sick with the cold we all have, and I am still recovering from mine... so all we did was head out for some Sushi while my Mom fed our kids. This coming weekend we will have more time to enjoy, and hopefully be healthy enough to enjoy it! Not sure yet what we will be doing, as Hubby now seems to want to stay home since the kiddos are going to be at my Mom's. Hopefully I can convince him to head to Banff or Radium for a day/night to enjoy the hot springs.

Here's a picture of us on our Wedding Day, can't believe how young we were!!!

Poor Little Man has another ear infection, this makes the 4th since September. It is hard on all of us as he doesn't sleep well at all, and I don't want him to cry it out while he is sick. I really hope they stop soon, we won't get into the ENT until March of next year!!!!! Not sure if I will be able to handle another 5 months of crappy sleep.

We have been letting Monkey and Bug sleep together in Monkey's bed the last few nights. We are trying it out this way to help us decide if we should let them share a room. This is not something I would have thought to be considering, as we purposely got a 4 bedroom house so they wouldn't need to share. But, it appears to be out of our hands right now. A few nights ago I went to check on the boys before going to bed, and found Bug fast asleep (with his pillow and Nemo) under Monkey's bed!!!! I dragged him out and put him back in his bed, in his room.

The morning after I talked with Bug about sleeping under Monkey's bed, and how it's not the best or safest place to do so. I did ask if he wanted us to move his bed into Monkey's room. He looked at me very seriously and said 'No, that would be dangerous'. Certainly got a good giggle from that.

The next night Hubby was reading to them in Monkey's bed, and decided to see if they would go to sleep like that, or just goof off. Well, they fell asleep with out any issue. The next morning when asked if they would like to share a room, they said yes... so, we might just set it up soon.

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