Friday, November 28, 2008

Dreams of Cyprus...

As they days and nights get colder, I find my thoughts once again turn to Cyprus! It's been almost 2 years that we were there, almost 2 years that we made the decision to move there, and almost two years ago that we had to rearrange that plan to move back to Canada. I really wish we had just made the move then, but know that it was the right decision to come here for a short time. I had asked Hubby for 2 years, and it will be 2 years next summer.

I still check out houses for sale there from time to time, I also keep an eye on the weather. This obsession seems so crazy some days... I just hope that we do finally make it one day. I am going to add some (a few I'm sure) photos for those that read this to help you understand why we are drawn to this place.

The Cypriots are wonderful people, friendly and caring. The scenery is incredible with the Troodos mountains in the background, and the wonderful blue ocean in front. It is a surprisingly dry climate, not overly humid... especially when you've spent anytime in England. There is a lot of empty open spaces to explore and enjoy, we would spend countless hours hiking. The beaches of course are a big draw, the mountains just complete it all.

Enjoy the photos, some are what I took on our trip, and others are just random shots that I found.

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