Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's still here...

Well, I thought that since no one had been sick since yesterday morning that we were in the clear. Guess I was wrong. Hubby went up to bed at 10pm, and very shortly after called to say that Little Man had puked in his bed... and was still asleep!!! So, we get him up... Hubby gets him undressed and gives him a quick bath, while I strip the sheets, wash the mattress and put clean bedding on. I got done just as Hubby finished redressing Little Man, we laid him down... and amazingly he went back to sleep!!! Not sure how long it will last, but I'm praying it's the rest of the night.

At least we know what we are doing, we've been through this many times before. I would just love to stay clear of all the nasty bugs out there, even though I know it's impossible. Hopefully we build up our immunity quickly, and can spend the rest of the season in relative health.

I'm off to get the new puke infested clothes/sheets into the washer, then I too will find bed. It could be a very long night, and even longer day!

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