Monday, November 17, 2008

It has arrived....

We were without the kidlets this weekend, a very nice break... in some ways longer would have been okay, but I like having them home in their own beds. Sunday while having a late breakfast/lunch, I wasn't able to keep all of my food down... not really the most wonderful experience!! We figured that I most likely had food poisoning, but didn't know for sure.

Well, it looks like it is the stomach flu! Bug puked Saturday night in bed, my Mom found him asleep in it at 2am. Then Monkey puked late Sunday afternoon, just before we went to collect the kids. I wasn't too worried, as he ate just fine, and wasn't complaining about his tummy.

About 1 hour ago, I woke up to Monkey crying say 'Ow'. I ran to his room, to find that he puked all over his bed and himself. Luckily he missed his friends, but I think I will still wash them tomorrow. So, there I am cleaning him up at 2:30 in the morning, giving him a bath, changing his bed... all the while doing my best to not puke myself. And of course Little Man is crying away, took Hubby forever to get out of bed and deal with him.

The bed sheets and clothes are in the washer, and I'm sitting here at the computer trying to keep my tummy calm so that I too can go back to bed soon. Some days/nights the joys of parenting are very hard to handle. We dealt with 4 stomach flu's the year we lived in England, and none last year. The only consolation is that I have a washer that is large enough to handle all the puke infested items at once!!! In England it would take up to a week to finally get it all washed and cleaned... we had a very good, but very small washer there.

I think I will now try to go and lay down, hopefully there are no more interruptions to this night... what is left of it anyways.

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  1. Oh! I'm so sorry! The puke bug has bitten our house too. Hope everyone gets well soon.