Friday, December 26, 2008

A wonderful Christmas

Well, I hope this finds everyone feeling sated and rested! We had a wonderful Christmas this year, didn't get much, but the boys truly enjoyed what they got. Santa brought them all hockey sticks, and we got them clocks for their rooms. The best present I got was from hubby... some years he really surprises me!

A few weeks ago hubby informed me that he would be heading to England for the office Christmas party. I was upset with him being gone, which I am usually not, but the timing and reason was just too much for me. I had jokingly told him that I should get a nice Digital SLR camera as compensation, not expecting it in the least. Well, I guess he decided I deserved it LOL. I was told to open my present first (we usually don't open presents, other than Santa stuff, until after breakfast), and there it was... a Canon EOS-50D. It is very, very nice. We have been having a lot of fun figuring it out, I'm sure it will be a while before I know everything.

We are planning on going sledding with the boys tomorrow, the weather will be nice enough for them to enjoy it for a good hour. After dinner we will be going to the Zoo to see all the lights, it will also be a good time to have fun with the new camera! Other than that we are keeping things very simple right now.

Next month we have to figure out which school Corbin should attend for Kindergarten. I would like him in a bilingual school, either Spanish or German, but we also have the option of the school just outside the city that is so much closer. Of course, I also wonder if I should just start homeschooling him. But then again, I also would like to wait until we get our yacht. Guess we have some talking to do.

Well, I just tried to upload some of the pics I took... but something happened and it didn't work?!?! So, I will try again tomorrow.

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