Saturday, December 6, 2008

I HATE Colds!!!!

For anyone wondering where I have been the last few days, myself and the boys all have colds!!! Nasty sinus's, coughs and fevers. There is a bit of an upside to this though... Monkey, Bug, and Little Man have all been going to bed shortly after 6pm, and not waking up till around 7:30am. Now of course there is a downside as well.... Little Man is up multiple times a night, completely inconsolable. Last night I ended up sleeping with him on my chest on the easy chair, not the most comfortable place for me.

Thankfully hubby is home from Germany, but because it was such a short trip for him, he's having a very hard time with the time difference.

I did at least get in for my hair appt yesterday, needed a cut, and my colour re-done. I went much darker than I have in the past, but brighter as well.

I am now going to finish my lovely neocitron, and hope, and pray that Little Man can sleep a bit tonight!

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