Monday, December 1, 2008

Hmm... why so noticable now???

So, for the last month or so I have had many people comment on my eyes?!?!? Last I check they are the same as always, but recently I have been getting many compliments on the size and colour of them. Yes, I like my eyes, but never really thought other people saw them the same way as I do... so I find it very odd how it has been commented about so much. I took a picture tonight before heading out, let me know what you think??? The only reason for why people are noticing my eyes more is the wonderful haircut I got a month ago, I Love my hairdresser!!!!

It was the ladies Advent dinner at my Church tonight, and event that I really enjoy each year. The food as always was wonderful and diverse, and the camaraderie as warm as well. The dessert I made this year was also a big hit, Sticky Toffee Pudding. It's a very traditional English dessert, tasty and gooey. I found this recipe on the BBC Food site, so far the best one I have used.

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  1. your eyes are beautiful!! And the haircut is really cute!