Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not all that surprised....

Well, I should have known that hubby wouldn't be able to take the majority of December off, but I was at least hoping for a few extra days! But of course that dream has been dashed, shattered actually. He will most likely be leaving for England on Sunday for a week, just to go to the office Christmas party. Talk about rubbing salt into a cut. Here I am stuck with the kids, cold weather outside, and he gets to live it up in England.

I know he won't live it up that much, but I too would like to go out with a bunch of adults, and just have a good time. Heck, I haven't ever spent a night out with him and any of his employees... that is 3 years of staying home with the kidlets.

I guess you can see that I am ticked off, and I feel that I have every right to. I do understand that with the business situation, and the kidlets, that I can't join him easily... but I am still annoyed!!!

If I let him know how upset I am, do you think he will get me something on this trip... instead of just for the kids?????

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