Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How long is a day???

I sometimes wonder how one day can seem so much longer than others... especially when you sleep in a bit!!! The boys slept longer than usual this morning, which in turn means that I did too. It was not a fun or relaxing morning as I tried to get everything, and everyone ready to head out the door, I only had 40 minutes! I'm surprised that I actually grabbed an orange to eat before running out the door, otherwise I would have had nothing to eat at all.

Bug seems to be missing hubby the most this time around, which is unusual for him. He has been throwing fits left, right and centre, and over the strangest of things. At school pick up time, Bug is supposed to walk towards me when his name is called, he of course decided this was a good day to run. When told that he would have to go back to the carpet and walk, he fell to the floor and started to whine and cry... ?????? This rule he has been following for 3 months, not sure what made today so special.

Little man produced a small fever this afternoon, somewhere around 38.5°. He's not showing any other signs of being sick, so I wonder if it is just his eye teeth about to erupt. It would be nice if he could get them out soon, and quickly too. He's close to sleeping through the night, and the sooner the better for my sanity.

My eating has be absolute crap lately... I don't think it has ever been this bad, but it has to stop. If I am ever going to lose weight, I need to bring it under control.... NOW!! I am going to use Sparkpeople to keep track of my eating this week (and for a little while longer), should help to keep me on track... don't really want to write down crap, makes it too real. There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to lose weight over the holiday season if I am careful in what food choices I make!

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