Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sale is final!

The house out in Cochrane is mine, well in 2 months LOL. The conditions were met this morning, so now all I have to do is wait. I'm not doing much tonight, just very, very tired. I've had a few late nights lately, which have finally caught up with me. I will be finding my own bed fairly soon tonight.

I was back in the house on Wednesday for the inspection, which I was very nervous about. I essentially bought that house with only ever being inside the one time back in early June, and even though I remember thinking it was a good house for me and the boys, I was worried my memory may have been flawed. Well, it wasn't.

The house is actually bigger than I remembered, and the kitchen much nicer too. The kitchen I have now is nice, but the new one is much better laid out cupboard wise. I will truly enjoy being in that kitchen. The bedrooms were all pretty much how I remembered as well, all good sizes, with plenty of room for the 4 of us. The yard though was much bigger than I remembered. The boys will love having that yard to play in, especially with the park right outside the back gate. The only true drawback to a yard that size is maintenance. I may just have to consider hiring someone to mow that lawn, or figure out a schedule with my parents to allow me the time to get it done.

I also went and purchased a new bed after the house inspection. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in a new bed, one that does not have memories of him associated with it. He can have the 3 beds in this house, I really and truly do not want to see them after I leave here in 3 weeks. I have already picked out the bedding I would like, unless of course I come across something I like better before I move in. I want the bedding picked before I take possession so that I can figure out what colour to paint my new bedroom.

All in all, I am very pleased with the purchase I have made. It is going to be a wonderful home for me and my boys, a place to make new, wonderful, happy memories. Here are some of the pics I took yesterday. The one with an arrow pointing to a garage is showing where my parents are in relation to my front lawn.

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  1. Yay, congratulations!! What a beautiful house to make some great memories in. I would love to live so close to my parents, that's going to be amazing as well. Good luck with the move :)