Monday, July 13, 2009

House update

So, my realtor says the house that I want was pulled off the market??? She says she will look into why, and when they might re list it. If it got pulled because of low interest, I wonder if they would accept a conditional offer from me??? I really want that house, and I really hope I get it!!!

Now to just get this bloody awful house I am in sold and gone!


  1. Here's hoping that you get the house you really want, or another one that will be even better! Any chance that your soon-to-be-ex would agree to buy out your interest in the house so that you would have you money now and could go about the business of buying another house?

  2. I would love if it he could, but unless he has a secret stash of money (which I wouldn't put past him), he couldn't do it. He's actually giving me the full equity in this house.

  3. Guess I was not thinking clearly. That would require him to come up with a lot of cash! Oh, well ... hope someone buys your house soon.