Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Decisions, decisions!

It's decision time, which house to offer for, and for how much! I'm still pretty sure I want the one I saw a month ago, although there is a close contender. The only real snag is what kind of possession the owner will take. I understand she has some medical/health issues, and wants a long possession... but what does long mean to her! She has been out of town, and won't be back till tomorrow... so I am going to be flying a little blind here.

If I cannot get that house by the end of September (a little over a month with my parents is a little too much), then I will move on to option #2. This house is a little bigger, with more rooms, and is also set up nicely. The big draw backs are that it does not have a garage (although there is space out front to put a double in), and the yard is smaller and needs work. The first choice has a very nice landscaped large yard, with a single car garage.

I will sleep on it tonight, and see how I feel in the morning. Hopefully a good sleep will give me the clarity I need for this.


  1. House buying is such a huge decision- definitely sleep on it! It's great that you have two options though!

  2. Thanks MC, I haven't been part of a house buying decision in almost 10 years (He bought this beast). It's also only my choice this time, which is strange as well.