Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping we go!

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking on a task that could be rather interesting. I am taking my 3 boys camping, in a tent, for 3 nights!!! Now, you might be wondering if I have lost my marbles, and I'm sure a few have escaped lately, but I have not lost them all. I am camping with 6 other families just outside of Drumheller. I'm so not ready to try it totally on my own LOL. If it goes well, then we shall see.

I truly am looking forward to it, I enjoy camping, and they do as well.. even if they have only been once before. I would prefer to be doing this in a tent trailer, but that is going to have to till next year when I can afford one. Doing this in a tent just means that I will get to sleep earlier, as I'm sure I will have to stay inside to get them to settle down. Not that big a deal, especially since I am up so late right now getting things ready. I will have even less privacy then I do now, again not a big deal short term. We may not eat as healthy as we normally do, again not a big deal short term.

It will be an experience, one that I hope is enjoyable for all. There is also so much to do in Drumheller. There's the Royal Tyrrell Museum, all the badlands to explore, and a wonderful (and free) water park for the boys to enjoy during the very hot days there. Here's some pics from our visit up there in June.

Bug getting nice and wet

Monkey going for a run through
Little Man, and Bug splashing around

Not really sure what Little Man was trying to do!

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