Saturday, July 25, 2009

My New House

I just signed the papers for the sale of my new house!!!! I have till the 31st to have the conditions lifted, but I am not even remotely worried about that. The inspection will be either Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't wait to get in to the house again. I will walk the boys over to the park today, and show them the yard. I am truly looking forward to seeing what they think.

This is such a big step for me. I have never made such a large purchase on my own before, and it was a little scary... but, it is just another accomplishment for me. This will be my house, he has had nothing to do with the purchase, or even choosing. I have never looked forward to a place this much before. Just a little over two months and I will be in.

I also realized yesterday, that in just 3 years, all 3 boys will be walking down the street to school!!!!

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