Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Angry

I knew it would come, didn't know when, but knew one day the anger would show up. This week I have been angry, so very angry. I don't like being angry, it's draining and tiring. I still just don't understand (and suspect I never really will) why and how he could do this to me and our children??? I loved him so very much, and truly felt that we would spend our entire lives together... I still can't quite grasp the fact that it is over.

My only saving grace in this whole crap fest, is that I know it is NOT my fault... I did not do anything to make him do this, I am not the one who decided to forsake our marriage vows. It just makes me angry that he could do this without at least trying! We had a wonderful life, whether or not he thinks it now, we did. I truly do not believe he was so unhappy for as long as he said.... why stick around and have children with me otherwise?

Just please let this anger disappear soon, I don't need it messing with my head and health.

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