Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things that I Love....

Here is a few things that I love, and the reason I will come through this craptacular event in my life happier and more fulfilled.

  • Hugs from Little Man at bedtime, which just started tonight. I love how he reaches for me, and then pats my back.
  • Monkey not letting me go anywhere without a big hug and kiss. He gets upset if I try to go without those two things.
  • Snuggles from Bug, that boy sure loves to snuggle... I only wish his elbows and knees could somehow not involve themselves LOL.
  • I love you competition with Monkey. Lately he has started telling me that he loves me more than the whole earth, said with such a serious little face.
  • I love that Bug will keep asking for another hug and kiss at bedtime, even after a half dozen!
  • The shouts of 'Mama, Mama, you're back!' when I come back after stepping out for a bit, along with the hugs and kisses.
  • The quiet moments when Monkey or Bug tell me things.
  • How helpful Monkey can be when he is in the mood.
  • I even love the midnight visits, it's nice to have a snuggle during the night.
  • The feeling of joy and pride I have for my incredible boys.

No matter what their father has done to me, he has at least given me the best reason to make a better life for myself.... our children. I want them to still have a happy home, a fulfilled home, a loving home.... and for that to happen, I need to be those things as well. One day it will all come together, soon I'm sure.

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