Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's all too real now...

Things became a little too real for me yesterday. He had spent the last few days removing all his office stuff, as well as clothes, and some personal items. Thursday night I came to the realization that my wonderful, incredible boys, were going to have their parents in the same house at night for the last time.... how incredibly sad I am for them.

She also arrived for their little vacation yesterday, now that is something that is incredibly hard to swallow. All Winter I was looking forward to camping, hiking, and spending days outdoors with him and our boys. That is not to be now, it will now be me and the boys spending time together doing those things... and we will be doing them!!!

This is were things get strange and odd for me. He is moving to England next weekend, for at least 2 months??!!?!?! I'm still trying to totally wrap my head around this one. In some ways it is good, for me at least. I now have at least two months without having to see him, or worry about seeing him at all.

No movement on this house, but none on the one I want. So keep those prayers coming my way!

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