Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is going on!!!!

I had figured since the weather is still so nice out, that we should head to the Zoo. I asked the boys to clean up the toys, while I was getting the kitchen in order... I'm sure some of you can guess what happened next. Thirty minutes later (and there was not that many toys out) I got tired of telling them to clean, and informed them that we were not going to the Zoo if this is how well they are going to listen!!! Again, I'm sure you can imagine the reaction, the screaming, the joy! It really did not make for a pleasant beginning to our afternoon. I am going to try for tomorrow, I've talked with the boys multiple times about what I expect before we leave.... let's just hope they listen!

I am starting to get excited about Homeschooling! I will be attending a Convention in Red Deer mid April, there should be a lot of information to help me get started. The best part is that I will be going with a number of friends, who will all be starting Kindergarten this fall. The fact that I will be there without Hubby and the kids is also contributing to my enthusiasm LOL.

We had a really nice sunset today, I was able to get outside to take pictures every 10 minutes or so. I did kick the boys outside for a good chunk of time this afternoon, no point in totally wasting a beautiful day.

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