Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stupid Pipes!!!

Well, with the cold weather back, the pipes leading to my washer are frozen again!! It makes no sense???!??!??! The utility sink just 3 feet away works fine... but not the washer. So, I have the heater downstairs where we have access to the pipes, and Hubby is presently behind the washer opening the wall up. He plans to get some Heat Tape to put around the pipes to prevent this from happening again. This house is only 10 years old, got to wonder what was done to cause this problem???

Other than that, a rather quiet day again. We went for a nice drive this afternoon, headed East out of the City through the back roads. All the boys had a nice nap in the van. We then popped by a nearby mall to let the boys play at the play place located inside. Tonight I plan to watch Eureka, and then maybe have a bath... figure I need to start actually using my tub LOL.


  1. Ugh, that sucks. We have to leave our water running in our trailer or we will freeze. Weird that it's just your washer.

  2. Weird, at least you have hubby to figure it out.....could you imagine having to do some of that dirty

  3. Oh man! My co-worker was just telling me about a house project remodel over a garage they added a bathroom. The water kept freezing in the tub! Turns out they didn't add insulation beneath the tub like they should have. They had to rip things apart and rebuild.

    We need attic insulation. Springtime, we must do it this year for next winter- it's darn cold upstairs!

    Hope hubby's fix works