Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to the New Year!

Well, it is another New Year, and time for some change! Our dream is still to live aboard a boat, but we are not ready for that yet. I have changed the title to Dreams of Cyprus, as that is what I feel is the closest, and more easily attainable dream. I will have other changes over the coming days/weeks, but they will all be cosmetic... I'm having fun figuring out the code!

Hubby and I stayed up for Midnight to enjoy a nice glass of Bollinger, which I am also enjoying right now. I'm not sure what would be considered our goals for the coming year, not something we have ever done. But, I would say the basics apply...
  • Enjoy as much time with our boys as we can.
  • Help them to grow up as well mannered, happy children.
  • Teach them the joys of living.
  • Find a way to bring our long term dreams even closer!!!
As for my own goals, that would be to lose this weight that I have been carrying around for more years than I would like. I had started losing weight very nicely 2 years ago, but getting pregnant put a stop to that. Now that Little Man is just past one (and he even slept through the night last night), it is time to start working on myself. I am setting up a blog to chronicle this journey, which should be over by our Anniversary in November.

I wish you all a very happy New Year!

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