Monday, January 26, 2009

A good day

So far, I would say today was an okay day... although finding out that Hubby is leaving for England tomorrow, for just shy of 2 weeks wasn't all that nice. We had plans to attend the RV Show this weekend, sans kids. That of course is now not going to happen, as well as my kid free time!!! My plan for his absence is to just survive... nothing fancy LOL.

Little Man was really paying attention to all the blowing out of candles from earlier this month. For the last week or so, he has been trying to blow the lights out! This of course has made us giggle. But last night at dinner time had has laughing! Hubby decided to dim the lights when Little Man tried to blow them out, his face was priceless when the light actually went out! He of course was doing his best to blow all the lights out today, some of which we obliged him, and turned off.

I had a nice time with Monkey and Bug working on letters and words after lunch. I decided that I need to start working with them every day, at the same time, to get us all in the right place to home school. It went much better than I would have thought! Bug did an excellent job tracing out the letters of his name. Monkey did very well tracing, as well as pronouncing words, and reading some basic sentences. I'm really looking forward to doing this more.

I worked with Monkey, and Bug for about a half hour, then sent Bug for his nap. I then worked with Monkey for another half hour, then let him play on the computer while I cleaned the bathrooms. Still can't get over how long (over one hour) it takes to clean the two upstairs bathrooms, as well as the powder room on the main floor. You would think that after one and a half years I would be used to it, but I guess not... and this did not include the downstairs bathroom!

I do get a small break tomorrow as Hubby needs to be out in Cochrane for the morning, so he will be taking Bug to school. At least I don't have to rush out the door with all 3 kids for one morning... although I have eight to do while Hubby is away.

Wish me Luck, and Sanity for the coming weeks!

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  1. Two weeks...Keep busy, lets check the weather for next Tuesday. And if it is all good lets do the zoo. Or the Play Place near you.