Monday, January 26, 2009

Being Ruthless!

Well, I finally started to go through my boxes of books yesterday... and so far I have 2 + boxes of books that I will be taking to consignment. I still have 2 boxes to sort through as well. I do have a number of books that are too ratty to make it to consignment, still not sure what to do with those. If feels strange to be doing this, I have been collecting my books for 14 years now. But, I don't see much point to having them around, especially in boxes, when I would just have to get rid of them when we move again. This at least frees some room up.

We are all still a bit sick, I'm half tempted to not take Monkey to school today. Little Man has quite the cough going on. Guess I will just see how Monkey is feeling when I drag him out of school.

Time to run, and make some breakfast for me and this kids.

Oh, Hubby got the pipes going again, and thinks he found where the issue is. Hopefully he can get it fixed up before the next freeze.

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