Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have made a small dent in the household disaster today, I can slowly see an end to the disorganization. I even got the balls to actually go through some of the toys, and pack it up. I will take another night (or two) to decide what I am going to do with it... and I'm sure there is more I can get rid of. I'll post some pics of the removed toys when I am done, should make for a much easier cleanup for the kidlets.

Tomorrow is Bug's 3rd birthday, I really wish he would slow down! Although I also wish he would hurry up, and grow up a little... he is just so wild some days that I don't know I get through it all. I really hope he calms down a little bit soon. Hubby is in San Francisco until late in the evening tomorrow, so we will be having Bug's Birthday dinner on the Thursday. And of course there is the Birthday Party Saturday afternoon. So far I only have 5 kids coming, but haven't heard from everyone yet either. It should be an interesting afternoon.

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